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Food is an intrinsic part of culture. Trying unfamiliar cuisines and sharing meals with others can help us understand the significance of cultures’ family dynamics, styles of interaction, social priorities, manners, history, holidays, and much more. Similar dishes or flavors can reveal how cultures have spread, influenced, and mixed with others across regions and oceans. If we can learn to eat together, we can learn to live together.

While most of us are staying at home, we can still exchange our cultures by sharing our favorite recipes! We know you’re eager to explore the world. We are, too. Luckily, this can start in our kitchens.

AFS student in Thailand with Thai host mother

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If you have a favorite recipe from your culture to share, submit it by clicking on the form below. We’ll be sharing them here. We’re eager to explore new cultures and new dishes with our AFS community!

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