The World Needs More Global Citizens

AFS-USA delivers immersive, global learning opportunities that help students develop the skills and desire to build a more just and peaceful world. Our ability to offer these life-changing programs relies on the voluntary support of individuals and host families across the country, as well as the generous contributions of donors.

Your gift to AFS-USA supports the organization’s vital operations; each year, we are able to send 1,000 U.S. students abroad, welcome 2,300 international high school students into the U.S., and maintain a network of more than 4,000 AFS-USA volunteers who are making a difference in communities across the country. When you give to AFS-USA, you join a community of alumni and supporters who share our values, and who believe in our mission of building a more just and peaceful world through intercultural education.

I’m so thankful to AFS-USA and to the generous donors who helped make my exchange year a reality. You have changed a life and I hope one day I will be in the position to help someone in the same way.- Sophia, U.S. to Costa Rica, 2014-15