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Teacher's Toolbox

Teacher's Toolbox

Free lesson plans and digital resources for teaching Global Competency in your classroom.

Hosting an exchange student

Diversity in the Classroom

Bring cultural understanding to your classroom by hosting a high school exchange student.

Global Competence Readiness Index

Global Competence Readiness Index

A new self-assessment tool to help educators determine how prepared their schools are to foster global competence among students.


Teacher Programs Abroad

AFSNext programs offer opportunities for adults 18+ to volunteer and teach abroad from 2 to 24 weeks.

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Engage your students with intercultural learning materials from an AFS collaboration with Scholastic.

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Educational Goals

As a leader in intercultural education, AFS is dedicated to teaching global competency both inside and outside of the classroom. Our educational resources and opportunities abroad are aligned to the US Department of Education’s international strategy, and are designed to achieve four educational goals:

Personal Transformation

Students are able to transform challenging experiences into valuable personal growth opportunities.

Interpersonal Communication

Students have both the motivation and communication skills to be successful in diverse environments.

Intercultural Knowledge

Students can reassess their own cultural values and open their minds to inspire personal skills-building.

Global Awareness

Students will empathize with people from different backgrounds and thrive in collaborative cross-cultural experiences.

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