Episode 1: A Lifelong AFSer

In this episode, we chat with Kim from Wisconsin. Kim has been a host sibling, host parent, study abroad participant, and sending parent. Kim shares tips for host parents and discusses how she brings intercultural education into the preschool classroom. We also hear from a volunteer with AFS Brazil about the history of the Portuguese language in Brazil.  

Guest: Kim Thompson
Brazilian Portuguese history read by: Júlia Herszenhut
AFScast Brasil on Instagram: @afscastbrasil 

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Episode 2: AFS School Champions

In this episode high school administrators from Ohio, West Virginia, and California provide insight about the value of welcoming AFS international exchange students into their school communities. We’ll hear about football games, hallway stampedes, lunchroom awkwardness, and… High School Musical? 

Ben McMurray, Ottawa Hills Junior/Senior High School (OH)
TJ Connor, Keyser High School (WV)
Karen Gordon, Valley Charter High School (CA)

Kristján Gislason on Instagram: @slidingthrough
Kennedy Lugar YES Program: yesprograms.org 

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Episode 3: Egypt, Iceland, and How it all Began

This episode features an interview with Nico, an AFS alum from the U.S. who was first involved with AFS thanks to his mother, an AFS exchange student to the U.S. from Italy. We’ll hear from Nico about his experiences as an AFS participant in Egypt, AFS volunteer traditions in other countries, and how you can always come back as an AFS volunteer, even if you took some time off!

Guest: Nico Borbely
Mini Segment Guests: Patricia Chery, Alicia Chery

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Episode 4: Advice from Us to You

This episode provides advice for AFS participants beginning their program abroad. AFS-USA staff were surveyed with two questions: What piece of advice would you have for new participants, and what’s something that surprised you about your time abroad? 

We will hear from staff who studied abroad in Malaysia, Argentina, Uzbekistan, France, Australia, Russia, Germany, and more! While this advice is geared for study abroad participants, it is also relevant to anyone involved with AFS this fall. Major themes? Be open-minded, be flexible, and don’t be afraid to talk to new people!

Guests: Tara Hoffman (AFS-USA President and CEO), Akemi Akaiwa, Julie Ball, Keri Dooley, Libby Gartland, Melvin Harmon, Scott Hume, Paula Zhang

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