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Slang from Around the World

Slang reveals much about a culture and its sense of humor, attitude, and values. It’s the words and expressions we use colloquially that are indicative of regional personality and spirit, as well as our intercultural similarities and differences.

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New Zealand Travel Tips

New Zealand is a wonderland of incredibly beautiful, diverse ecosystems and geography. It’s an otherworldly, exciting destination that’s home to turquoise waters and sandy beaches, lush forests and gorges, glaciers…

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4 Wonders of Argentina

With Latin American and European influences, Argentina is a multifaceted country with so much to offer. There’s the romantic tango, the passion of fútbol culture, and the delicious beef prepared during an asado,…

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My Paraguayan Prom

On November 30th, my Paraguayan classmates and I had our Prom/Graduation Ceremony! It’s really the polar opposite of Prom in the United States. Here in Paraguay, graduates invite all of…