Studying abroad while in high school or college is an excellent opportunity for your education and your career. It helps students plan for the future and gain invaluable skills they’ll use in any job setting. Check out these eight careers for students who loved studying abroad — so you can have a head start on your future plans.

1. Corporate Business Analyst

Analysts need to know their brand’s consumer base. It’s easy to understand what people want in your country, but analysts miss critical information when they don’t learn about other cultures. People who studied abroad gained a valuable cultural understanding of potential international markets.

2. Political Advisor

The world of politics has many careers for students who studied abroad. Politicians involved with international affairs will value your travel experience because you’ve gained cultural knowledge and potential language skills. Make those skills shine on your resume if you want to support your political causes through advising candidates at all levels of government.

3. Virtual Translator

Are you dreaming about working from home? Use your study abroad language skills to become a virtual translator. You could translate, edit, or publish materials for clients as a freelancer. Translation companies may also employ you full-time to help their clients, like students or corporations, that need help with international consumers.

4. Educational Professional

A school or university with study abroad programs might hire a professor in your field of interest one day. It’s one of the careers for students who loved studying abroad that isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind. Pursue a Ph.D. in your favorite subject and work for the place where you studied across the world. They’ll love your early interest in their campus and possibly prefer you over other candidates because you’ve already spent time there.

5. Human Resources Representative

Every field uses human resource (HR) experts to hire the best talent and propel their company to greater success. You could find a fulfilling career in HR by using the language you spoke abroad. Employees who speak more than one language earn 20% more income than their monolingual co-workers. No matter which HR branch captures your interest, your language skills will help you earn a comfortable living in the field.

6. Nonprofit Marketing Associate

Marketing is another one of the most popular career paths for study abroad students. Nonprofits need marketing experts to help them reach more people, so they especially value people with experience connecting with new communities. While searching through applications, experts seeking students that volunteer abroad will notice your resume if you volunteer in another country. They’ll understand that you had to partner with locals and learn how to work together, which is a valuable skill in a marketing position that requires connecting with your audience.

7. Online Tutor

Tutoring students in your study abroad country or your international school of choice is a great job prospect for those who studied abroad. It’s one of the best career paths for study abroad students because you already know the country’s education system. Consider which grade levels you’d want to tutor and move to that country to work full-time or tutor virtually from your preferred place to live.

8. Study Abroad Office Associate

There are many careers for students who studied abroad, but your job search could start in the same office that inspired you to travel. Study abroad organizations, universities and educational institutions always need to employ people who are passionate about their study abroad program, so use your experience to help others enjoy the same international opportunities.

Find Careers for Study Abroad Students

There are so many careers for students who loved studying abroad, so make the most of the experience. Gain skills by learning the country’s language, volunteering with the local community, and immersing yourself in the culture. You’ll return with an experience you’ll never forget — and the credentials to help you work towards the study abroad career you dream about.

About the Author

Ginger Abbot is an education writer with a passion for cultural learning and study abroad. Read more of her work on her website, Classrooms.