Italy is one of the most popular destinations for travelers and it’s clear why – stunning landscapes, striking art and architecture, and incredible cuisine. What’s not to love? Italy is a fantastic location for an international journey, but it offers students so much more than delicious food and cool Instagram photos. As you immerse yourself in Italy’s influential art, architecture, culture, history, and language, you will constantly be learning and developing your academic and professional prospects. Plus, you will be fully immersed in the vibrancy of Italian culture as well as a diverse range of people and ethnicities. Consistent interaction with people of different cultures and backgrounds is what contributes to becoming a more globally competent individual!

If you’re still asking yourself why you should study abroad in Italy, here are six ways it will build your resume and prepare you for your college and career.

Why Study Abroad in Italy? 

1. Italian art is everywhere

Up-and-coming creatives, critics, curators, and art historians wanted!

Italy is well-known for its deep-rooted history in art and design. Art is everywhere in Italy, and Italian art permeates the globe. From works produced throughout the Italian Renaissance by world-renowned artists like Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, to modern and contemporary art, Italy is home to countless galleries and museums. Visit the ever-popular Uffizi art gallery in Florence, the Sistine Chapel in Rome, or ogle ancient artifacts in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. And, don’t forget Milan, one of the design and fashion capitals of the world!

Knowing Italian art will allow you to reference it in your work, impressing educators and establishing your expertise in your field. The learning opportunities for art in Italy are endless!

2. The architecture is inspiring

To build amazing structures in the future, you need to learn from the best architecture of the past.

Like art, architecture was practically built into the foundation of Italian civilization. Today, Italy is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks and its architectural footprint can be seen in nations all throughout the globe. For example, Roman ruins can be found all over the Mediterranean basin.

From the Colosseum to Vatican Square, and countless chapels and cathedrals in between, Italy is an enduring muse for future architects, builders, designers, developers, engineers, surveyors, and urban planners.

3. The Italian language opens doors

Learning the Italian language is a gateway to attending university and launching a career in Italy (or with an Italian or multinational company). Foreign language skills are highly valued in any professional field.

Did you know Italian is most similar to Latin than all the other romance languages? So, knowing Italian will make it much easier to pick up Spanish and French.

Learning Italian is a great advantage since Italy is a prominent figure in many industries. Plus, the Italian economy is the third largest in all of Europe, and many professions recruit those with proficiency in the language.

Also, Italian is arguably one of the most beautiful, passionate languages to ever exist. Che bella!

4. Brush up on your history…without the history book

Nothing makes you a more well-rounded human being than having a broad knowledge of history.

Just by living in a historic Italian city, your knowledge of art history, urban development, and geography will likely expand without you even knowing it. No need to crack open a textbook, when the knowledge is all around you waiting to be explored!

5. The food is legendary 

It’s a fact: Italian cuisine is incredible! Home to world-class chefs and a lively culinary industry, Italy is one of the finest countries for food exploration. Awaken your taste buds with gelato in Sicily, fresh mozzarella in Florence, and traditional Bolognese pasta in Bologna. Aspiring chefs, nutritionists, food scientists, restaurant owners, hospitality managers, food critics, and more stand to gain essential knowledge of this everlasting and ever-evolving cuisine.

6. Viaggio Italiano Scholarship

If you’ve decided that Italy is the perfect destination for your study abroad journey, you might be thinking about ways to help finance your trip. The Viaggio Italiano Scholarship is open to anyone interested in studying abroad in Italy for a full year! With recipients of the scholarship receiving up to two-thousand dollars towards their program fee, Italy is practically calling your name. Applying for a scholarship to study abroad will impress college admissions officers and prospective employers – they love to see young people taking the initiative like that.

To be considered for the scholarship, start your application to study abroad in Italy today. You could be saying “Ciao” sooner than you think!