Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche was everywhere in Argentina! My host family always had it at home. It is a very popular ice cream flavor, and is common to eat any time.


Mercimek Çorbası

There are a few secret steps in this recipe that come from the owner of a Turkish restaurant! Not using a hand-blender makes all the difference!


Chocolate Chunk Cookies

They are the yummiest chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. The orange zest and nuts are optional based on your taste preferences.


Ghouriba Bahla

Moroccan Almond Cookies (means silly cookie in English). This is the kind of Moroccan pastries I like the most, and makes me remember home. We enjoyed cooking together and the cookies are very tasty.

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New Zealand Travel Tips

New Zealand is a wonderland of incredibly beautiful, diverse ecosystems and geography. It’s an otherworldly, exciting destination that’s home to turquoise waters and sandy beaches, lush forests and gorges, glaciers…


Celebrate Cultural Diversity this 4th of July

The 4th of July conjures classically American images: baseball, fireworks, hotdogs, Bruce Springsteen. It’s the day we celebrate the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation and…

Lesson Plans

Walk Apart, Walk Together

This activity is appropriate for a wide variety of ages, ranging from elementary school to adult. Since it requires no special materials, it can be conducted in almost any setting.…

Lesson Plans

Identity Flower

Overview: In this lesson students will be prompted to think deeply about the various elements of their individual identity. Using the identity flower model as a guide, students will explore…

Lesson Plans

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Overview: The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki changed the course of history and have had a significant long term effects on the victims. Students will get the opportunity to…

Lesson Plans

Taking Action for the Environment

Overview: The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) declared June 5 as World Environmental Day in order to create awareness on issues surrounding the planet, encouraging citizens to take global action. The purpose…

Lesson Plans

The Potato Activity

Goal: To help youth eliminate stereotypes and to recognize the uniqueness of each individual Time: 20-30 minutes Materials: A brown paper bag, one potato for each student in the class,…

Lesson Plans

Microfinance: A Poverty-Fighting Tool

Overview: In September 2000 society’s attention was drawn to certain social and economic issues impacting us on a global scale through the development of the United Nations’ Millennium Goals (MDG).…

Lesson Plans

I have a dream

Overview: Dr. Martin Luther King is known to many as one of the most influential leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. His passion and enthusiasm for social justice and equality…

Lesson Plans

Stereotypes and Generalizations

Overview: Use this lesson plan to help students distinguish the difference between stereotypes and generalizations, explore stereotypes that they may hold about others, and practice how converting stereotypes into generalizations…

Lesson Plans

Exploring Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Overview: The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees defines a refugee as person who “owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality,…

Lesson Plans

Examining Humanitarianism

Overview: The United Nations declared August 19 as World Humanitarian Day, as a way to commemorate the 2003 bombing of the U.N in Baghdad, Iraq, as well as a way to…

Lesson Plans

Education for All #BringBackOurGirls

Overview: Several countries have banded together in order to promote gender equality in education with the goal of eradicating gender disparity in the classroom. Even still, there are several social,…

Lesson Plans

Exploring Cultural Values

Goal: Exploring what students consider to be typical U.S. cultural values while comparing them to their perceptions. Objectives: Students will be able to: Become aware of what are considered typical…

Lesson Plans

Cultural Influence on Judgments

Overview: Use this lesson to help students become more aware of their own culture and recognize its influence on their thoughts, behaviors, and how they view the world. Activity (Methodology):…

Lesson Plans

Connect the Dots

Overview: In this lesson students will explore the notion of how people often subconsciously limit their perspective. By engaging in a short puzzle task students will be challenged to think…

Wim Wiewel

Wim Wiewel

President, Lewis & Clark College Returnee – Netherlands to the U.S., 1968-69; Volunteer Wim Wiewel, who came from the Netherlands to the U.S. as an AFS student in 1968, is…


Jim Walker

AFS Host Parent, Volunteer, and Returnee – U.S. to Indonesia, 1987-88 Jim Walker is an AFS Returnee from the year program to Indonesia, 1987-88, and from a short summer program…


Krishen Mehta

Senior Adviser, Tax Justice Network and Former Partner, PwC AFS Sending Parent and Returnee Krishen Mehta is a writer, teacher, and speaker on issues of global tax justice. Prior to…


Debra Maly

Speech Pathologist Chair of the National Council; Host Parent Debra Maly, known as Deb, is the Chair of AFS-USA’s volunteer representative body, the National Council. Deb became involved with AFS…

Emre Evren

Emre Evren

Senior Consultant, The Hartford Financial Services Returnee – Turkey to the U.S., 1984-85 Emre Evren joined the AFS-USA National Council in 2013. He is an AFS Returnee from Turkey to…


Marlene Baker

Vice President, Development, Alumni Relations, & External Communications Marlene Baker spent the first 25 years of her career in senior management positions in marketing and communications. After 12 years with…

Blue and white piggy bank
Fundraising Ideas

Plump your Piggy Bank

If you don’t mind digging around for coins… As simple as it seems, finding change in your family’s couch or just simply asking friends and family members for their coins,…

money in the glass
Fundraising Ideas

Family Matches

If your family is willing to pitch in… Even though many people may like to support you, giving money is difficult. You can encourage your friends and family to help…

Roller Coaster
Fundraising Ideas

Coaster for a Cause

If you are a thrill seeker… Six Flags-affiliated amusement parks will occasionally hold “Coasters for a Cause” events during the month of May (or maybe other months of the year…

Numbers on running track  in stadium
Fundraising Ideas


If you are a goal setter and a go-getter… Organize a bike-a-thon, a pump iron-a-thon, a skate-a-thon, a walk-a-thon, a trash-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, jump-rope-a-thon, etc. Set a goal before you talk…

aged and worn vintage photo of drive in theater sign
Fundraising Ideas

Drive-In Movie Night

If you are a movie buff… Find a place in your community to host your event. The location must have a flat surface where you can project the movie (i.e.…

tondeuse a cheveux
Fundraising Ideas

Shave Your Head

If you aren’t too attached to a full head of hair… Create a campaign around shaving your head (or one of your friend’s head) by having people donate to your…

Adorable French bulldog lying down at the TV
Fundraising Ideas

Pet Sitting

If you are good with animals… Depending on the type of pets you feel comfortable around, design a flyer that advertises your availability to pet sit for friends, family or…

Dog in bathroom
Fundraising Ideas

Doggy Dip

If you don’t mind getting your hands wet… Host a doggie (or pet) wash for people that will pay to have you (and any friends you enlist) to bathe their…

Obedient Spaniel Dog On Leash Outdoors
Fundraising Ideas

Dog Walking

If you know owners who don’t have much time for their dog… Make posters to advertise so people know why you are fundraising. Charge per half hour or block walked.…

Ballon Herzen am Himmel
Fundraising Ideas

Valentine Balloons

If you enjoy playing Cupid… Selling helium balloons can be a great fundraiser around Valentine’s Day. Take orders 3 weeks prior to the holiday. Contact a local balloon shop to…

Fundraising Ideas

Tournament Snack Bar

If you are a sports fan… Ask your school if you can run the concession stand for a tournament and keep the profits as a fundraiser. Be sure you state…

Self Service Car Wash
Fundraising Ideas


If you are all about whipping up suds… Get permission from your school, church, or a local store to use its parking lot for your car wash. Advertise your car…

Fundraising Ideas

Recycle Electronics

If you have a stash of outdated devices… Ecophones Recycling Fundraiser could pay you up to $300 per item you recycle through their program (http://www.ecophones.com/). Ask parents, neighbors, co-workers and…

Handmade present boxes with tags
Fundraising Ideas

Gift Wrapping

If you have a pair of scissors and a roll of tape… Do some research to determine where you could volunteer during holiday seasons to wrap gifts. Often times, malls…

Mailbox inside
Fundraising Ideas

Print Address Labels

If you are good with a computer… Make return address labels and sell them for a set price (i.e. $5.00-$10.00 for 100 labels). Check local office supply stores to find…

Fundraising Ideas

Work Vouchers

If you are an all-around hard worker… Sell vouchers (or books of vouchers) entitling the buyer to an hour (or more) of work. You may want to design two types…

Grocery Brown Bag With Fruits and Vegetbales
Fundraising Ideas

Paper or Plastic?

If you are always bagging your family’s groceries at the store… Bagging groceries for tips at your local grocery store is a fundraiser that requires some planning, but could yield…

Trolley with product on shelf
Fundraising Ideas


If you are detail oriented and can juggle many tasks at the same time… Devise a plan and time table to run errands for your friends and neighbors. Make flyers…

broom sweeps fallen leaves
Fundraising Ideas

Colossal Clean Up

If you are a leader and can assemble an army of helpers… Contract with the management of your local fairgrounds or stadium to do cleanup after a major event. Recruit…

Box of unwanted stuff ready for a garage sale
Fundraising Ideas

Garage Sale

If you know a lot of people who need to purge some belongings… Gather and organize any unwanted items from your family and friends. Enlist your friends and family to…

work gloves and rake
Fundraising Ideas

Yard Work

If you like fresh-cut grass and a little dirt under your nails… After getting permission from your parents, go door-to-door in your neighborhood and offer to wash windows or cars,…

Guest Chef
Fundraising Ideas

Guest Chef

If you don’t need a sous chef to make a meal… Offer your cooking skills to families that might find they don’t have enough time to cook a meal at…

ricetta del giorno – ricettario aperto con ingredienti e uternsi
Fundraising Ideas

Create a Cookbook

If you are well organized… Ask you friends, family, classmates, teachers, etc. to submit their favorite recipes to you for inclusion in your cookbook. Spend some time thinking about how…

Kitchen utensils on wooden background.
Fundraising Ideas

Master of the Kitchen

If you can channel your inner Gordon Ramsay… Make a list of the items you are able to make. You could sell cookies, pies, cakes and brownies, or go bigger…

Baking ingredients
Fundraising Ideas

Cooking for Cash

If you are a party planner… Organize a school-, church- or community-wide spaghetti dinner, ice cream social, salad bar, omelet or pancake breakfast, etc. When setting the price of each…

Question Panels
Fundraising Ideas

Approach Charitable Organizations

If you are good at making connections… Charitable organizations are usually comprised of business owners and well-connected people in your community. Charitable organizations will most likely be able to either…

Counting The Pennies
Fundraising Ideas

Local AFS Fundraising

If you are a people person… Ask your local AFS area team volunteers about raising funds collectively. With the assistance of the volunteers, organize event(s) with other local AFS students…

Wooden colour toy. Sorter
Fundraising Ideas

Parents Night Out

If you enjoy babysitting… Offer one night (several nights) or a full Saturday / Sunday for parents to let you watch their kids. This fundraiser works at any time during…

Picnic basket
Fundraising Ideas

Care Package Campaign

If you are creative, crafty, and caring… Compile a list of care package themes and the desired contents for each package to sell to people who want a gift for…

Fundraising Ideas

Silent Auction

If you have retail connections… Host a silent auction using donated items as a stand alone event or in conjunction with another fundraiser.Invite your friends, family, and members of the…

Fundraising Ideas

Corporate Sponsorships

If you are a go-getter and like talking to new people… Brainstorm (with your parents) a list of local businesses you could ask to sponsor you. Be prepared to explain…

Fundraising Ideas

Sponsorship Letter

If you know a lot of people that live far away… Write a letter introducing yourself, why you are fundraising, your motivations to study abroad and details about AFS. There…

Piggy Bank Resting on Laptop Computer Keyboard.
Fundraising Ideas

Mass Email Campaign

If you have oodles of contacts in your address book… Using email is a great way to get the word out, however, it’s not enough to send out one email…

French restaurant
Fundraising Ideas

Food For Funds

If you have friends and family that like to eat at restaurants… Visit a few restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries in your town and speak with a manager about whether…

Airline tickets and documents, closeup
Fundraising Ideas

Airplane Ticket Giveaway

If you know someone with lots of reward miles… Ask a family member or a family friend who travels a lot to donate his/her frequent flyer miles for a domestic/international…

online newsletter sign on blackboard
Fundraising Ideas

Email Newsletter

If you laugh in the face of deadlines… Sell subscriptions to a personal newsletter about your experience while you are on program. Determine how often you can write the newsletter…

Auction paddle or voting card in hand
Fundraising Ideas

Art Auction

If you are tight with some artists… Ask your artist friends or local artists in your community to help you create art. You could also create the art yourself. You…

accessories for needlework
Fundraising Ideas

Etsy Shop

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit… Etsy.com is similar to eBay, but for individual people selling their own art, crafts, jewelry, or vintage items. You can sign up for an account…

Knitting yarn balls and needles in basket
Fundraising Ideas

Skeins of Yarn

If you know how to knit or crochet… Create knitted or crocheted items, such as scarves, bags, socks, or hats to sell as a fundraiser. Ask your friends and fellow…

Art workshop
Fundraising Ideas

Art Fundraiser

If you have an eye for design… Many stores (i.e. Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, etc.) offer photo services where you can use your own photos to create personalized coffee mugs,…

Lesson Plans

Chain of Diversity

Goal: Participants will discover and recognize the many ways in which they are similar and are different from others in the group, as well as the ways in which each…