For the newest installment in our…From Around the World series, we delve into movies recommended by our hosted students from 90+ countries. Film reveals a lot about a specific culture, such as its sense of humor and values. As many of us are staying at home to maintain social distancing during COVID-19, this is the perfect time to explore some movies that are popular across the globe. Even better: use Netflix Party or a similar app and chat as you’re watching with friends!

These are some of our favorite examples of movies from our students!

Bishoy M. from Egypt

The Blue Elephant

Esra A. from Turkey

Ayla: The Daughter of War

Elise S. from Germany

Die Welle

Catarina C. from Portugal

The Hunger Games

Kwaku G. from Ghana

Beasts of No Nation

Ema P. from Slovakia

Pelíšky (Cosy Dens)

Mariana R. from Brazil

The Kissing Booth

Tharit T. from Thailand

Buppesannivas (Love Destiny)

Cocoro N. from Japan


Hanna S. from Switzerland


Miar A. from Palestine


Roberta G. from Italy

Il Principe Abusivo

Kanish D. from India

Vikram Vedha

Junrui Z. from China

Zhan Lang 2 (Wolf Warrior 2)

Nane O. from Armenia

Super Mother

Lina F. from Norway

A Star is Born

Kezya B. from Indonesia

Habibie and Ainun


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