For the second installment of our …From Around the World series, we dig into food! Or, more specifically, breakfast. We surveyed our exchange students and asked them to submit examples of what they eat for breakfast in their home countries. Breakfast can vary greatly between cultures or be quite similar (you’d be surprised at the universality of cereal). There’s no accounting for individual taste, but those preferences are influenced by what’s available in your community. Many of the answers were funny, surprising, and, frankly, pretty standard breakfast items. 😛

Yana D. from Kazakhstan

Tea, scrambled eggs, pancakes, butterbrots

 Emma S. from Spain


Pablo I. from Austria

Nothing special. Cereal or bread.

Victoria C. from Chile

A typical Chilean breakfast would include our delicious bread (hallulla, marraqueta o dobladita) with butter, jam, cheese, avocado, eggs, quince jam or manjar (a national candy like caramel). We would drink coffee or tea.

Hanna M. from Switzerland

I would say usual Swiss families eat bread (zopf) with jam as breakfast, but me as a person with German parents eat bread with sausage or ham.

Masako A. from Japan

Rice, miso-soup, grilled fish, pickled vegetables

Rita J. from Libera


Mauro G. from Italy

Milk and cookies (Editorial note: So many Italian students reported this!)

Lana B. from Israel

Manaqeesh: it’s like a bread and on top of it cheese or something else 

Miar I. from Palestine

Cereal or hummus

Kuangye G. from China

Don’t know how to say better than here (Editorial note: Ouch! Lol.)

Leonie L. from Germany

Something we call Brötchen or a Brezel (pretzel), which is a tiny bread, with butter and cheese, ham, or marmalade and eggs.

Ramisa R. from Bangladesh

Porota, daal, shuji & dim bhaji.

Carolé R. from South Africa


Alies M. from Netherlands

Yoghurt with muesli and fruit

Lívia W. from Brazil

Chocolate milk, pão de queijo, fruits (in general), and a ham and cheese sandwich

Sanjana Z. from India

Aloo paratha with curd

Florian S. from Switzerland


Kwaku B. from Ghana

It varies as it is really based on preference really (Editorial note: Isn’t everything?)

Sara R. from Spain

Sweat things, toasts with oil and salt, churros with chocolate, etc.

Anna B. from Sweden

A cracklebread sandwich

Merle G. from Germany

Cereal on weekdays and rolls on weekends

Issa S. from Jordan

Hummus, falafel, and eggs

Fawz H. from Libya


Honwei P. from Costa Rica

Gallo pinto

Rosario G. from Chile


Nour F. from Egypt

Fava beans and falafel

Moh’d Hayan T. from the Philippines

We have topsilog, I don’t know much about it.

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