“The Friends of Greater Cincinnati AFS”  established a scholarship fund to assist students who want to study abroad with AFS. Scholarships are awarded to students who are applying for a year program.

Scholarship Type: Merit and Need-based
Scholarship Value: Varies*
Available Scholarships: Multiple
Applicable Programs:  All Year High School programs
Application Deadline:

  • November 30 (Winter/Spring programs)
  • March 30 (Fall/Summer programs)

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • “The Friends of Greater Cincinnati AFS” Scholarship will accept applications from prospective AFS students who live in one of the following areas: Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Oxford northern Kentucky, including cities and their surrounding areas as far south as Greater Louisville and Lexington.
  • Students must have strong academic and interpersonal skills and demonstrate a financial need.
To Apply:

To apply to scholarship(s), please start or login into your AFS application!

Apply now or login to your AFS app

Scholarships questions? Fran Harmon, Sending Coordinator for Greater Cincinnati Area AFS, at 513-518-9197 (cell), or by emailing [email protected].

*Recipients and the amount of each locally-determined scholarship are decided by the Greater Cincinnati Area Team scholarship committee made up of local area team volunteers and returnees. Please note that all applicants are not guaranteed funding.

All Greater Cincinnati Area Team scholarships are separate from the Global Leaders need-based scholarship application process and other national merit scholarships. The Greater Cincinnati Area Team scholarship award decisions are determined through a local committee.