Each year, AFS sends around 400 students abroad to live and study in every corner of the globe. These students have the chance to gain 21st century skills and global competency as they learn to navigate a new culture.

By helping local students learn more about AFS programs abroad, you’ll be encouraging them to broaden their perspectives and grow into the leaders of tomorrow. You’ll also have the chance to make an impact in your community by helping students achieve their dreams of studying abroad.

Encourage global learning and open the doors of cultural exchange to students in your neighborhood!

What's Involved?

  • Make students and families aware of the many opportunities to go abroad with AFS
  • Meet one-on-one with interested students and their families to determine which programs are right for them
  • Mentor students and help them through the application process
  • Help fundraise for scholarships for local students going abroad
  • Inform students about opportunities for merit and need-based scholarships
  • Connect local students with international students hosted in the U.S.
  • Speak at local schools and community events
  • Share your international exchange experience with future AFSers

You’re a good fit if you’re interested in…

  • Mentoring and empowering young people
  • Motivating students to study abroad
  • Reaching out to local schools and community organizations
  • Helping students and families with fundraising
  • Meeting people from different cultures

Get in Touch

If you have questions about the opportunities to volunteer, read our Frequently Asked Questionsor email us at [email protected]