Inspire cultural diversity and tolerance within your community. In this role, you’ll help make it possible for more than 1,000 international students from 80 countries to come to the U.S. each year and live with local host families. This life-changing experience for students and families enriches our communities by encouraging diversity and dialogue in a uniquely personal way.

Our goal is to find loving families to open their hearts and their homes to AFS Exchange Students. There is no typical AFS Host Family; they reflect the vast diversity of the U.S. with regards to culture, class, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. With your help, we can encourage families in your area to share their daily lives with teenagers from every corner of the globe, thereby increasing cultural understanding and acceptance.

By volunteering with AFS, you can help bring the world into your community. Join us as we work to create bridges across cultures and spread the message of peace through understanding.

What's Involved

  • Represent AFS in your community by speaking at schools and local events
  • Reach out to local families and encourage them to host an exchange student
  • Attend AFS events to meet current volunteers, host families and students
  • Introduce new ideas for outreach and awareness-building
  • Share your hosting experience through webinars and in-person events
  • Share your stories, photos and videos on social media

You’re a good fit if you’re interested in…

  • Networking and meeting new people
  • Learning about different cultures
  • Supporting international education
  • Communications and promotion
  • Creative-thinking and problem-solving

Get in Touch

If you have questions about the opportunities to volunteer, read our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at [email protected]