Volunteer Opportunities in the Capital area

Below is an up-to-date list of tasks for which volunteers are currently needed.  Click on each task to see a brief description and time committment required.  Please, contact Jim Walker if you would like to take on any of these short assignments.

Volunteer Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator
Publicity Coordinator
Sending (Outbound program) Coordinator
Returnee Coordinator

Sending Re-Entry Coordinator
Outbound Application Completion Volunteer
Outbound Student Orientation Coordinator
Outbound Orientation Invitations Volunteer
Outbound Orientation Registration Volunteer

Task Name: Outbound Application Completion Volunteer
Expected Outcome(s):  Students finish their applications and attend upcoming AFS event
Time Commitment:  1-4 hours in evenings or weekend
Task Description:
• Call students that have begun the online application and encourage them to finish the process
• invite students to come to an upcoming AFS event in person
o give them specific details (date, time, location) of the upcoming event itself
• advise students about fundraising for tuition
• write a brief record of each telephone contact for additional follow up as needed
o did the student have any questions that was left unanswered
o does the student require additional assistance with fundraising

Task Name: Outbound Student Orientation Coordinator
Expected Outcome(s):  Outbound students and parents prepare for their upcoming AFS experience
Time Commitment:  6 hours for preparation throughout the two weeks leading to the orientation, plus 6 hours on orientation day
Task Description:
• Select orientation site and date
• ensure materials are ready and available
• recruit participants and past sending parent for panel discussion
• update orientation agenda
• recruit additional volunteers to deliver orientation content

Task Name:  Outbound Orientation Invitations Volunteer
Expected Outcome(s):  Departing students are aware of their upcoming outbound orientation
Time Commitment:  1-4 hours in evenings or weekend (late April / early May each year)
Task Description:
• buy supplies to print and mail invitations (reimbursement is available)
• use existing template to prepare invitations to upcoming outbound orientation
• print invitations and labels
• mail invitations
• prepare and send similar invitation via email (“@afsusa.org” email address can be provided if desired)

Task Name: Outbound Orientation Registration Volunteer
Expected Outcome(s):  Welcome and register participants for orientation
Time Commitment:  2.5 hours at a specific orientation event (one-time commitment)
Task Description:
• assemble orientation packets
• welcome participants as they arrive
• record attendance and submit it to the orientation coordinator