Help and Learning for Host Families (2)

Help and Learning for Host Families: An online resource for every stage of the hosting experience

This helpful resource for host families is available as a series of online articles that guide you and your family through the host family experience. Host families should click on the button below and sign in to their AFS account to access information for every stage of hosting on topics such as school enrollment, student healthcare coverage, cultural adjustment, support and much more.

Help & Learning for Host Families

Event Family Information

If you are hosting an AFS student for a very short period of time, 7 nights or less, please read this helpful article with important contact information, medical coverage details and intercultural learning resources.

Participant Medical Information

AFS uses the services of a third party administrator, GMMI, to review and process medical claims. Claim forms need to be printed, signed, and then scanned and mailed/emailed to GMMI. All medical bills should be submitted to them for payment unless otherwise instructed.

Using a service provider who is in the GMMI network can help host families and/or volunteers avoid requests for payment up-front. This is also beneficial in expediting payment and avoiding balance billing (see below for more on balance billing).

To locate a network provider in your area:

  1.     Go to the GMMI website.
  2.     Log in using the Username: AFS and Password: AFS
  3.     Scroll to the bottom to find the button for the Provider Search.

To find a Provider:

  1. enter a provider name to find out if s/he is in the network
  2. enter the your city and state or zip code to find a list of network providepamrs in your area
  3. search providers by specialty

Tracking claims with GMMI

The address of GMMI is:

Global Medical Management Inc. (GMMI)
880 SW 145th Avenue, Suite 400
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027, USA

Phone No. (888) 444-7773 (OK to call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk)
Fax No. 1-954-370-8130
Email: [email protected]

Support & Emergency

In the event of an emergency concerning an AFS participant please reach out to your local support volunteers. If you are unable to reach your local support volunteers contact AFS-USA using the below contact information.

Participant Support
Phone: 1-800-AFS-INFO, press 3
In case of an emergency involving a participant call 1-800-AFS-INFO, press 9*
*In the event of an after-hours emergency, this number will connect you to the Duty Officer.

Host Family Tax Deductions

Host families may claim a tax deduction of $50 per calendar month (15 days or more) for the time period in which you hosted your AFS student. This amount should be included on Schedule A of your Federal Income Tax return under Charitable Contributions, “Deductions other than cash” naming AFS-USA, Inc. and annotating the entry “Sec. 170(g) deduction”. This deduction only applies to those families who itemize rather than using the Standard Deduction.

Screenshot of Tax Form's Gifts to Charity section