Capital area liaisons

As a Liaison you will play an vital role in ensuring that our students and host families have a successful and enjoyable experience.  Thank you for volunteering for this important role!

The main responsibilities of a liaison are as follows:

  • Provide support and contact info to the student, host family, & school.
  • Maintain monthly student & host family contact, and quarterly contact with school.
  • Document your student, family, and school contacts on the AFS Global Link site.
  • Assist in problem solving when need arises.
  • Identify potential problems early when they can be solved more easily, and before they become deeper misunderstandings which are more difficult to resolve.
For more details about Liaison responsibilities, see the AFS Participant & Host Family Liaison Handbook.

Useful Links:

Liaison Training:

There are three online training courses to be completed before you can become an AFS liaison: the Hosting and Support Affiliations (HSA) Training, the Department of State (DoS) Local Coordinator Training, and the online Liaison Training. All of the training is required for anyone who has regular contact with exchange students and host families.

Please follow the links to complete the online training at your earliest convenience. Each link will prompt you to enter your Global Link user name and password. Please make sure the volume on your computer is turned up as most of these modules have voice narration.

1) Hosting and Support Affiliations (HSA) Training: This training consists of four modules which should each take approximately 15 minutes to complete and each is followed by a short quiz of 4-5 questions which must be answered correctly:

2) Department of State Certification (DoS) - Local Coordinator Training: This is a test of 30 multiple choice questions you will need to answer regarding secondary school regulations. Once you have passed the exam, you have the option of printing a copy of your Certificate of Completion. The Study Guide should provide all of the answers that are needed to pass the Certification test.

DOS Certification Test:

DOS Certification Study Guide:

3) Online Liaison Training: The Liaison training module is a three-part online course that takes about one hour and covers responsibilities, cultural learning, how to support students and families, and communication:

If you have any trouble with the training or if you can't remember your Global Link username and password, please send an email to so that we can assist you.

Liaison News Archive: