Global Leaders

Need-based awards for eligible students.

Global Leaders is our flagship need-based award program for students who are in need of financial assistance. As part of our commitment to make study abroad possible for all students, we encourage you to apply for a Global Leaders need-based award.

Program Details

How to Apply:

(Click each step to learn more).

1. Begin the process.

Start your application by selecting the country and program you're interested in. Contact us at 1-800-AFS-INFO if you need help getting started. Now click below to proceed to step 2.

If you already have an existing AFS application, proceed to Step 2 to start your FAST application.

2. Submit a FAST application.

FAST Need Based Application Click on the “FAST” logo to the right to begin your FAST application ($45 fee payable by credit card at completion of application). Upon completion of your online FAST application, you will receive an email from FAST with detailed information about how to submit your supporting tax documents.

AFS-USA grants FAST fee waivers to families suffering from significant economic hardship. This includes the following extenuating circumstances:

  • temporary loss of income or employment
  • unexpected medical expenses
  • recent death of a parent or guardian
  • displacement or damage due to natural disaster
  • loss of income due to long term disability
  • currently on free or reduced lunch at high school
  • currently receiving food stamps

If you wish to be considered for a FAST application fee waiver, please speak to a Study Abroad Specialist or a member of the scholarships team by calling 1-800-AFS-INFO.

Please proceed to Step 3 to get information on submitting tax documentations. 

3. Provide financial information.

After completing the FAST application you will be asked to submit tax documentation to FAST.

Required Documents:

  • 2017 Federal Tax Forms
  • 2017 State Tax Forms
  • 2017 W-2
  • All appropriate schedules (for personal business, property, etc.), if appropriate
  • Unemployment/disability/retirement income statements, if appropriate

Mail copies of your supporting tax documents to:

Attn: FAST Processing
1316 N. Union St.
Wilmington, DE 19806-2594

IMPORTANT! You must put “AFS-USA” on the front of the envelope under your return address. Faxed or emailed tax forms will not be accepted.

It typically takes FAST several days to verify the copies of your tax documents once they are received. When your FAST application has been verified, the AFS-USA scholarship committee will review the application and contact you with the results.