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Studying abroad should not be contingent on personal finances.

Through the help of our generous donors, we offer students $1 million dollars in merit and need-based scholarships that range from partial to full program fees for summer, semester, and yearlong AFS-USA study abroad programs.

Global Citizens
When you apply, we will work with you to understand your family’s needs and provide as much financial support as possible. 100% of accepted applicants with demonstrated need receive scholarship funds, ensuring that the cost of studying abroad is not a barrier to participation. 

Student abroad in Japan

AFS-USA is dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA+ applicants who are passionate about becoming global citizens and working to make the world a more just and peaceful place. The AFS-USA Pride Scholarship is available to those applying for a year or semester AFS study abroad program.

Yoshi Hattori
The Yoshi Hattori scholarship is a full scholarship designed to promote intercultural understanding and peace. Created in memory of Yoshi Hattori, a beloved AFS exchange student to the U.S. from Japan, this scholarship offers the opportunity to strengthen meaningful connections between the U.S. and Japan through AFS-USA’s Flagship Program.

Asia Kakehashi
The Asia Kakehashi Project+(plus) (kakehashiis Japanese for “bridging”) is to strengthen relations between Japan and the rest of Asia and G7 member countries. The program provides full scholarships for the high school students to live and study in Japan, while growing their global competence and becoming future leaders.

AATF & AFS-USA Scholarship
AFS-USA and the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) are proud to celebrate French language and culture by awarding a $7,500 scholarship to a current high school student interested in broadening their understanding of the Francophone world and strengthening their French language skills.

Student in New Zealand

Local Scholarships
AFS is proudly supported by a volunteer network. Awards may include scholarships or aid from volunteers in your area.

AFS Foundation of Greater Milwaukee Scholarship
AFS Robbie Robinson Scholarship
AFS Vancouver/Battle Ground Chapter Scholarship
Albert and Louise D’Agosto Scholarship
Bonnie Jernigan Memorial Scholarship
Catherine Scully Scholarship
Colorado Rockies Area Team Scholarship
Cooper E. King Memorial AFS Scholarship
DelMarPa Global Prep Scholarship
DelMarPa Year Scholarship
Edelweiss Scholarship
Elita Hawley Scholarship
Friends of Greater Cincinnati Scholarship
Greater Los Angeles Area Team Scholarships
Kirby Capen Study Abroad Scholarship
Linda Jackson Strauss Scholarship
Maine Global Explorers Scholarship
Maine Global Explorers: Adventurer Scholarship (Virtual Programs)
Michigan Area Team Scholarship
NYC Metro & Hudson Valley Area Team Scholarship
Orca Scholarship
Phyllis Runkel Scholarship
Sharon Lage Study Abroad Scholarship
Silver & Gold Area Team Scholarship
The Felicia Buell Study Abroad with AFS Scholarship
The UNICO Avon Chapter Scholarship
Thomas Duke Memorial Scholarship
True Peace Scholarship

Student giving peace sign in front of mountains

How to Apply

To be considered for AFS Global Citizen scholarships and aid, you only need to apply to one of our study abroad programs. We work with you to understand your family’s financial needs and match you with one or more of our many scholarships and aid opportunities. AFS study abroad specialists will be with you every step of the way in case you have questions or need help.

  1. Start your application. AFS students have an openness to learn and be challenged, are flexible, resilient, compassionate, and curious, and are willing to contribute to ongoing dialogues and become lifelong active global citizens. Applicants must demonstrate these qualities in essay questions and an interview.
  2. Inform your parents and teacher. You will need your parents’ help throughout the application process, including sharing more about your family’s financial needs, if applicable. You may also need a teacher recommendation.
  3. Submit your application. You do not need to complete a separate scholarship application. The information you provide in the application process may be enough. If we need to ask additional questions for specific scholarship opportunities, we’ll let you know.

We then review your application and inform you of your acceptance to our program, along with financial aid and scholarships you qualify for. 100% of accepted study abroad applicants with demonstrated need receive scholarship funds. 

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