Willie Thompson: Vice President, Digital Strategy & Business Intelligence

Willie has over 17 years of experience with AFS Intercultural Programs. Having participated in a study abroad opportunity in Russia in high school, Willie has long valued international education, intercultural learning, and exchange programs. His positive experience in Russia, community service work abroad, and other traveling opportunities after graduation from the University of Oregon led him to AFS in 2005.

Willie has acted as Marketing Manager for AFS International, Director of Digital Marketing for AFS-USA, and, most recently, joined the Executive Team. He is now Vice President of Digital Strategy and Business Intelligence, responsible for data management, reporting, and visualization. He also leads the organization in information technology and digital products. Willie has long had a passion and respect for data and leveraging it to reach organizational strategic goals and objectives.

Willie lives in Providence, RI with his wife and cat (Rolo). He enjoys biking and sailing in his free time!