Dr. Gregory Sabin Headshot
Dr. Gregory Sabin

Preceptor at Harvard Extension School, Harvard University

Greg Sabin is a Preceptor (Instructor) at the Harvard Extension School, Harvard University, where he has taught finance and accounting since 2018. He previously taught at Boston University, MIT, Ohio State University, and Michigan State University. Dr. Sabin holds a DBA in Finance from Sacred Heart University.  He also holds both an MBA in Finance and a BA in Humanities from Michigan State University.

Prior to academia, Dr. Sabin spent more than a decade in industry, holding a variety of international management roles for multi-national companies including Ford, Honeywell, Kellogg and KKR. His research focuses on international foreign direct investment and offshoring.  He has published papers in the Academy of Management, the Journal of Cost Management, the Risk Institute, Harvard Business Publishing and The Hill.  Dr. Sabin has presented his research at conferences and invited presentations as well as several symposia on teaching all over the world.

Dr. Sabin grew up in mid-Michigan, where his family hosted AFS students on a number of occasions.  He was an active member of the local chapter for AFS at Flushing High School while he was a student there.  Dr. Sabin has engaged with short-term exchange programs outside of AFS, in which students, staff and faculty from international universities have visited Boston.  Dr. Sabin and his wife Susanna, also a professor, have visited and spoken at several of those international institutions.

His personal passions include his family, travel, photography, and studying foreign languages.