Andrea Sehl

U.S. to Switzerland, 1971-72

Andrea Sehl, known as Andie, is retired from management consulting, currently working to build the venture capital firm she helped found, and is serving on several not-for-profit boards. Throughout her life, Andie has remained an enthusiastic supporter of AFS and its wonderful mission.

Andie was a consultant in corporate strategy development at Strategic Planning Associates (now part of Oliver Wyman Consulting) in Washington DC and southeast Asia. Later, as a consultant for The Empower Group in NYC she translated strategy into action through large-scale change management projects. Andie left the consulting firm environment to work directly with founders and Boards of startup companies, largely in technology and biotechnology. From this experience, Andie developed her interest in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship through venture capital.

Andie is a cum laude graduate of Williams College and holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management. Before college, she spent a life-changing AFS year in Switzerland and has since lived in Germany, Thailand, and the Philippines. In her spare time you can find her outdoors — hiking, golfing, or skiing — ideally with her children and grandchild.