Ambassador (ret.) Thomas B. Robertson

U.S. to Germany 1967-68

Ambassador (ret.) Thomas B. Robertson is a returnee from the AFS year program to Germany, 1967-68, where he lived with a German family in Karlsruhe. Tom served for over 29 years as a diplomat with the State Department, serving throughout Eastern and Central Europe, with his last overseas tour as Ambassador to Slovenia.  He finished his career in Washington in 2010 as the Dean of the Foreign Service Institute’s Leadership and Management School.  Before he joined the State Department he worked with the U.S. Information Agency for 6 years in the USSR, Eastern Europe and Africa as an exhibit guide and exhibit manager. Tom graduated from Princeton in 1973 with a BA, received a Masters Degree in 1975 from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and studied in Germany, the USSR, and Italy. His wife, Antoinette, and he live in McLean, Virginia.