United Kingdom Cultures

The United Kingdom is about the same size of the U.S. state of Oregon and comprises the entire island of Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) and Northern Ireland. The population of the UK is primarily Caucasian (87 percent), with black (3 percent), Indian (2 percent), and Pakistani (2 percent) making up the remaining population. Most people in the UK live in England, followed by Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Generally, Britons appreciate emotional control. Effusive behavior may be perceived as embarrassing. Scottish and Welsh people tend to possess a strong sense of nationalism.

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United Kingdom People and Community

British families are traditionally small, with two parents and one or two children. However, this pattern is changing as fewer people marry. Relationships with extended family are different depending on each family. In the UK, it is rare for three generations to live in the same home. In some families in the UK, grandparents help raise children, especially while a single parent works.

British children tend to live at home with their parents until completing university or getting a job. As a result, their parents often support them financially until their early twenties. In the UK, adult children don’t feel obligated to care for their aging parents the same way as other cultures.

Language and Communication Styles

English is the main language of the UK, though it is different from the U.S. in terms of spelling, pronunciation, and pitch.

Food in United Kingdom


A full traditional breakfast in the UK consists of bacon, sausages, baked beans, grilled or fried tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, and bread fried in fat or oil. English dishes include roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, as well as steak-and-kidney pie. Popular dishes in Wales are cawl (a soup) and bara brith (currant cake). The Scottish national dish is haggis, ground sheep entrails mixed with oats and spices, tied in a sheep’s stomach, and cooked. In Northern Ireland, Irish stew, homemade tarts, and pasties (small meat pies) are popular.