Exploring Japanese Culture

Japan is known for its world-famous competitive academics and dedication to technological advancement. Tea ceremonies, graceful gardens, and tranquil temples along with high-speed trains, striking efficiency, and hyper-modern skyscrapers are essential to dynamic Japanese culture. With its wonderful blend of tradition and modernity, Japan appeals to history buffs and futurists alike.

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People and Community

In Japanese culture, nuclear families are most common but there are also extended families with three generations living together. The father often appears to be the major family decision maker, but the mother also has a strong say, especially in relating to matters such as the children’s education and family finances. In most Japanese families, traditional food is important, and meals are shared together.

Modesty, politeness, and social harmony are important parts of Japanese culture. Japanese society has a strong respect for seniority. Keeping the home clean is also a high priority. When entering anybody’s home, it is customary to take off one’s shoes and change into slippers. There is a big difference between “inside” and “outside” in the Japanese house, with the goal of not allowing dirt into the house.

Language and Communication Styles in Japan

Japanese is the official language of Japan.

Food in Japan

Food is considered art in Japan! The Japanese diet consists largely of rice, noodles, fresh vegetables, fruit, meat (mostly pork and chicken), and seafood. Meals are eaten with chopsticks. Rice and green tea are part of almost every meal.

Shabu-shabu, Japanese hot pot, is a popular meal eaten at restaurants or at home. Sushi is made usually with a combination of fish (cooked or raw) and lightly vinegared rice. Sometimes vegetables like cucumbers, or an egg roll is used instead of fish. Japanese confections like traditional wagashi, which includes delicious treats like mochi (a kind of rice cake) flavored with sweet red bean paste, are also popular!

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