Exploring Canadian Culture

Canada, the world’s second largest country, stretches way into the Arctic and includes just about every terrain: Rocky Mountains, prairies, rugged coasts, sandy beaches, fertile valleys, and cosmopolitan cities. Canada is a paradise for outdoor lovers and campers, with its lakes and forests, mountains, and oceans. Because of the extent of its territory and the diversity of its population, Canadian culture is rich and diverse. Canada’s diverse heritage is united by a national passion for ice hockey. Canadians adapt to the climate whatever the season, and there is no good reason not to go out and enjoy the outdoors, cultural activities, great restaurants, festivals and family reunions. Canada is a beautiful country to discover one province at a time.

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Canadian People and Community

Teenagers in Canada

The average urban Canadian family has one or two children. Parents in Canadian culture usually share household responsibilities, and children help with everyday chores and preparing meals. Many Canadian families are also quite diverse. Interaction between men and women in Canada is based on a firm belief in equality of the sexes. Social relations between them are quite informal.

Children often live with their parents until they go to university, marry, or get a full-time job. However, Canada’s fluctuating economy has made it harder for some university graduates to find jobs, and a high number of young adults end up moving back home after finishing their education.

Language and Communication Styles in Canada

English and French are the official languages of Canada.

Canadian Food

The food in Canada differs by the region, so for example, in Québec there is a strong French influence with lots of meat, potatoes, pea soup, French pastries, bread, crêpes, and cheeses. A favorite snack is poutine, French fries covered with gravy and cheese. Maple syrup is produced in many parts of the country, including Québec and Ontario, and is a favorite in desserts and breakfast dishes like pancakes, waffles, and crêpes. In western cities, one can find wild rice, smoked fish, beef, ethnic (especially Asian) dishes, and a variety of other foods.