For more than 70 years, AFSers like you have helped advance international awareness and cultural understanding while at the same time made the world a more just and peaceful place for all humanity. You know better than anyone that immersion in a foreign culture is as profound as it is transformative. And you know the experiences are more than enduring—they last a lifetime. Read the reflections of some of our younger alumni—Lea, Domingo and Omer—and be reminded of your own AFS journey!


Lea E. Fegley, U.S. to Switzerland, 2004
My AFS experience was like turning binoculars the right way around. My world changed dramatically after AFS. It became so much more bigger, complex, diverse and beautiful. I gained a lifelong appreciation for cultures, traveling, adventure, and open-mindedness.

Domingo Rodriguez, U.S. to Italy, 2007
AFS helped me make new connections … allowed me to learn Italian … and opened my mind to experiences I never imagined. My view of the world changed—and I desired to see more of it. Since my AFS experience, I have traveled to dozens of countries and immersed myself in their cultures—something I simply would not have done without AFS.

Omer Lee Libich, U.S. to Russia, 2001
My AFS experience was truly one that shaped me as a person. The confidence I have as an adult can be directly attributed to my experience abroad. However, the greatest lesson I learned was love. I have a love of cultures, love of language, love of my fellow humans and love of adventure! It is all thanks to AFS Intercultural Programs USA!