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AFS-USA Faces of America (FoA) Scholarship program provides high-achieving students from low-income families a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study abroad. By partnering with community-based organizations and schools in underrepresented communities, FoA has awarded scholarships to more than 2,120 outstanding teenagers and introduced them to a world of possibilities.

Our community partner organizations value the impact that the AFS experience has on their leadership and college preparatory programs’ outcomes. When students return from an AFS exchange, are exposed to and are motivated to explore study abroad opportunities during high school and continue on to college with some students going on to participate in college exchange programs. Studies show students, who experience a study abroad program, are more likely to possess global leadership skills necessary in today’s workforce.

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How to partner with FoA

On average, FoA partners with 30 Community Based Organizations and high schools from urban cities. Our partners typically provide educational programming and social services with to students and families starting from 9th grade until high school graduation. Students meet the organization or school financial and admission requirements, such as free or reduced lunch, qualifying students for a FoA scholarship. The Faces of America program is committed to exploring underrepresented groups and communities across the U.S. To learn more about FoA and how to become a partner, please contact Shameeka Leacock at sleacock@afsusa.org

FoA Beginnings

In 1995, AFS-USA, with funding from the DeWitt Wallace Fund, launched a Diversity Initiative scholarship targeting youth in urban areas to reduce the cost barriers of participating in a study abroad exchange. In 2007, the scholarship program was renamed Faces of America (FOA). Today, Faces of America works in collaboration with a consortium of community based organizations (CBO) to identify promising young scholars for life changing exchange opportunities. Since the launch of our diversity scholarship programs students have participated on AFS programs to more than 25 countries.

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Your financial support gives low-income high school students the opportunities and support they need to transform their lives, achieve their own potential, and create change as role models and everyday leaders in their communities.