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Welcome to Your WNY Area Team

AFS has an extensive history in some of our communities and in others, we are newly building an AFS network of families and volunteers. Some of our volunteers have long experience and some are new to global exchange. However, we all share a passion for learning about new cultures, involving families in the unique experience of hosting and supporting students who are interested in becoming AFS Exchange Students.

We invite you to get involved with our Area Team and embrace the diversity and wonder of our world. Through our volunteer work with AFS, we strive to make a difference, one student and family at a time.

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The Western New York Area Team

Area Team Chair
Steve Sweet
[email protected]

Support Coordinator (and former Chair)
Doug Hinckley
[email protected]

Support Coordinator
Event Coordinator
Ann Sweet
[email protected]

Support Coordinator (and former Chair)
Al Hartman
[email protected]

Sending Coordinator (and former Chair)
David Stitt
[email protected]

Hosting Coordinator
Inge Gabel
[email protected]

Team Development Specialist for Western NY, Finger Lakes, and DeRuyter Area Teams
Jenna Powell
[email protected]
646.381.3338 (w)
585.410.2017 (c)
646.937.5992 (f)

AFS-USA Duty Officer

(for off-hours Support Emergencies: 800.AFS.INFO (800.237.4636), option 9

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