Team Overview

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The Bay Area is home to a vast community of AFS students, volunteers, host families, educators, and others who are committed to the ideals of intercultural learning as a path to a just and peaceful world.

Among the world’s most experienced and respected intercultural exchange organizations, AFS is an international and volunteer non-profit organization that provides young people with opportunities to live and study abroad.


The AFS San Francisco Bay Area Team Currently Includes:

  • Over 100 Registered Volunteers
  • Over 30 Exchange Students and Their Host Families
  • Over 40 San Francisco Bay Students Studying Abroad

The local team covers San Francisco, the Peninsula, the Tri-Valley and the East Bay, enabling volunteers to focus their energies in their own communities if they choose while being an integral part of the larger Bay Area Team.

Extending from Napa and Sonoma counties in the north to San Jose and Los Gatos in the south, as well as San Francisco and the greater East Bay, the AFS San Francisco Bay Area team covers a wide territory.

Among the most experienced and respected intercultural exchange organizations in the world, AFS depends on a global network of committed, energized volunteers to carry out its mission of providing intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

Open Volunteer Positions

The San Francisco Bay Area AFS community is a vibrant mix of returnees, host families, educators, and others who believe in the power of intercultural learning. Whether you have studied abroad or not, connecting with AFS locally brings the wide world to you. Check out our current volunteer opportunities.

Wondering how else you can get involved?

“I want to do something meaningful, but I don’t have a lot of time.”

No problem. Pitch in for a few hours to:

  • Interview prospective students and host families
  • Mentor an applicant
  • Assist with a school presentation
  • Accompany students on outings and orientations

“I’d like to put my professional skills to use for AFS.”

We especially need people with experience in:

  • Counseling
  • Database management
  • Marketing and PR

“I want to meet new friends.”

  • Join us for a bite to eat at one of our fun and casual monthly gatherings – all are invited.  Check our calendar or Facebook page for information!

“I’m a good organizer.”

 Be a team leader for:

  • Interviewing students and families
  • Volunteer development
  • School relations

“I want to connect with a student.”

Provide friendship and support as a:

  • Liaison, the key contact for the student and host family
  • Temporary or emergency host family
  • Aunt or uncle
  • Mentor for students going abroad

“I’d like to help AFS and boost my resume at the same time.”

  • We will help you design a project or an internship that will build your experience and showcase your talents.

We welcome your time, your talents and your commitment to global understanding.

AFS Local & National Scholarships

Contact our Area Team

Team Chair: Peter Pompei, [email protected]

Volunteer Coordinator: Larry Sladewski, [email protected]

Sending Coordinator: Gabriel Kupeli, [email protected]

Sending Support and Orientations: Erin Sanders, [email protected]

Hosting Onboarding Coordinator: Susan Salop, [email protected]

Support, Liaison and Compliance Coordinator: Nicola Clark, [email protected]

Support Coordinator: Nancy Petranto [email protected]

Support Coordinator: Phil Utschig, [email protected]

Orientations and Travel Coordinator: Lisa Lagrimas, [email protected]

Cluster Coordinator: John Spangler,  [email protected] 

Outreach Coordinator: Jon Klein, [email protected]

Team Treasurer: Justin Simpson, [email protected]

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