New Jersey Area Team

Welcome to the New Jersey Area Team Website!

12 Tips on How to Get the Most from your Exchange Year

Where are we located?

There are three administrative hubs in New Jersey- in the Northern, Central and Southern parts of the state.

How are we doing?

Here are some of AFS-New Jersey's numbers for the 2015 - 2016 season.

  • 60 - Active AFS Volunteers

  • 34 - Students hosted in the New Jersey Area Team

  • 27 - U.S. students sent abroad for a year, semester or summer programs

How can you get involved?

Visit our Get Involved page to find out the many ways you can contribute to AFS-New Jersey!

Our New Jersey motto:

"It's not right or wrong (good or bad, better or worse) it's just different"
(Something to remember when your host family serves "dinner food in the morning" or your AFSer expects dinner in the midde of the day.)