Team Overview

Welcome to the AFS Midland Central Team Website!

We are the Midland Central Area Team. We welcome our ambassadors from around the world as they embark on their adventures here in Iowa. Let the adventure begin!

Where we are located?

We are in the central corridor of Iowa. We cover the area codes of: 515, 641 and 319.

AFS Midland Central Welcomes Students to Central Iowa!


Midland Central AFS Community

The Midland Central AFS Community is a vibrant mix of returnees, host families, educators and others who believe in the power of intercultural learning.  Whether you have studied abroad or not, connecting with AFS locally brings the wide world to you.

Wondering how else you can get involved?

“I want to do something meaningful, but I don’t have a lot of time.”

No problem.  Pitch in for a few hours to:

  • Interview prospective students and host families
  • Help with school and community events
  • Lead orientations or fun events with the students and families
  • Work with students looking to go abroad
  • Post on Social Media
  • Fundraise for scholarships

“I want to connect with a student.”

Provide friendship and support as a:

  • Liaison, the key contact for the student and host family
  • Temporary or emergency host family
  • Mentor for students going abroad

Interested in Getting Involved?

“I’d like to help AFS and boost my resume at the same time.”

We’ll help you design a project or an internship that will build your experience and showcase your talents.

We welcome your time, your talents and your commitment to global understanding.

To learn more, email Midland Central AFS Volunteer Team at [email protected].

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Midland Central Team