Team Overview

AFS has an extensive history in some of our communities and in others we are newly building an AFS network of families and volunteers. Some of our volunteers have long experience and some are new to global exchange. However, we all share a passion for learning about new cultures, involving families in the unique experience of hosting, and supporting students who are interested in becoming AFS Exchange Students.

We invite you to get involved with our Area Team and embrace the diversity and wonder of our world. Through our volunteer work with AFS, we strive to make a difference, one student and family at a time…

Our AFS Team’s website is currently being developed. In the meantime, review the resources below to get involved locally. Contact AFS if you have any questions.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by families interested in hosting an AFS participant. Please contact the AFS office in your home country for further clarifications and with any other questions you have hosting an AFS participant.

AFS takes many factors into account when placing a participant with a host family. Do you want to host a male or female? Is your family noisy or quiet? Do you participate in many sports? Are you a music-loving family? AFS does not seek to find the “perfect” placement, but looks for common interests and values between the family and the participant which will help the two establish bonds more quickly. Once AFS has selected a participant to place with your family, you will review the application papers to make sure you feel comfortable with the placement. Just as there are many types of families, there are many types of participants. Our hope is that we can bring together people who will enjoy sharing and learning together.

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