Alaska Area Team


Welcome to the AFS Alaska Area Team

Here, you can learn more about the AFS presence and activities that are going on through out Alaska.  Our team is a dedicated group of volunteers and a Team Development Specialist who all work together to further the AFS mission.  Take a look around and we encourage you to get involved!
- Christy Hedrick, Alaska Team Chair

Where are we Located?

Our Team has a split focus on two areas of the State:  Southeast Alaska (141 East Latitude) and Southcentral & Interior Alaska (141 West Latitude). Because of their geographic distances we often have coordinators in each area. Within each area we have volunteers and students in many Alaskan Communities. 

How can you get Involved?

Getting involved is easy!  Simply contact Team Chair, Christy Hedrick, at She will give you all the details you need to become a volunteer with AFS Alaska! Or talk to an AFS volunteer in your community.