Program Fee Breakdown

Your application and program fees cover a variety of aspects of the AFS Experience, from helping you find the best program, to supporting you and your family while you’re abroad, to providing opportunities to continue your intercultural learning after you return. Here’s a breakdown of what it includes:

Pie chart with 26% shaded in

Program Costs Abroad

  • Host Family recruitment and screening
  • AFS application processing
  • Student placement
  • Orientation for students/host families
  • Language Proficiency Testing (dependent on program)
  • Support for students/host families
  • Volunteer recruitment, training, and support
  • Domestic travel to and from host family
Pie chart with 20% shaded in

International Travel and International Program Coordination

  • International roundtrip airfare and related costs
  • Ticket handling and processing
  • International secondary medical insurance
  • Coordinating emergency response services
  • Maintaining compliance with AFS program quality and operations standards

Pie chart with 22% shaded in
Program Costs in the U.S.

  • Recruitment, screening, and selection of students (application fee)
  • Orientation for students and families
  • Support for students and families
  • Volunteer recruitment, training, and support
  • Program and preparation materials
  • Host country information
  • Promotion of AFS programs to students, parents, schools,
    and community representatives

Pie chart with 32% shaded in
Compliance, Financial Management and Support

  • Staff support for AFS programs
  • Information services
  • Compliance with Council on Standards for International Educational Travel