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BP Global STEM Academies

Full scholarships to study abroad for the summer in Brazil and Egypt

Learn and grow by doing: Explore a BP Global STEM Academy this summer! AFS and BP have partnered to create the BP Global STEM Academies to help you develop the knowledge, critical STEM skills, and intercultural understanding, to propel your future success. The BP Global STEM Academies are full scholarship programs in Brazil, Egypt, and the USA, focusing on science, technology, engineering, math and their exciting applications integrated with developing key global competencies like language skills, adaptability, problem-solving, collaboration, and the ability to build bridges across cultures.

The deadline to submit applications for 2019 BP Global STEM Academies has passed.

STEM Academies Eligibility 

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be born between December 1, 2001 and June 1, 2004
  • The ability to participate fully in a classroom and program conducted entirely in English
  • Demonstrated interest in STEM, study abroad, and interacting with different cultures
  • Willingness to attend Academy destinations – Brazil, Egypt, or USA
  • Ability and willingness to travel unaccompanied abroad
Talented young people from all backgrounds who reflect the diversity of populations around the world, particularly young women and students with financial need, are encouraged to apply! For more information about the application and selection process please see FAQ below.


If you are dreaming about becoming a game developer, coder, engineer, or so many other STEM-related professions, a STEM-focused program is a great opportunity! Get the skills you need for your future career, while engaging with people from around the world and exploring a new and exciting culture.



experiments creating extraordinary discoveries



cutting-edge designs we can’t live without



brightest ideas that set the world in motion



in Einstein’s words, the poetry of logical ideas

Go to a STEM Academy in one of these countries:





Brazil: June 15-July 13

The Brazil BP Global STEM Academy, based in the coastal town of Natal, will dive into the subjects of energy and innovation. The educational program will mainly take place at the Instituto Federal (IF), a high school and university education institute in Natal. Apart from classes and labs at IF, scholarship winners will take part in several activities and excursions supported by outside organizations – such as participating in the state science fair; visiting solar, Aeolic and thermal power plants; and attending a conference at the International Physics Institute. Students will also be introduced to employees at BP in Brazil, providing them with an excellent opportunity to meet and be inspired by people working in STEM fields and to create valuable connections for the future. Last, but not least, the scholarship winners will strengthen their intercultural and language skills by spending a weekend with an AFS-vetted and approved Brazilian host family, join Portuguese language classes and participate in AFS-led workshops on active global citizenship.

Egypt: June 27-July 23

The Egypt BP Global STEM Academy, based in the sprawling capital Cairo, will give students the opportunity to thoroughly explore STEM subjects, with a focus on technology and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To provide the participants with an experience that will enrich their skills and awaken their curiosity, the Egypt BP Global STEM Academy has partnered with the Information Technology Institute (ITI) – a pioneering national institute that applies an empirical learning approach to technological development challenges – and organizations with expertise in sustainable development and climate change for its classes and workshops. Apart from the workshops and classes, students will also meet with local representatives from BP, giving them a great opportunity to meet and be inspired by people working in STEM fields and to create valuable connections for the future. Last, but not least, students will get to encounter Egyptian culture and enhance their language and intercultural skills by living with AFS-vetted and approved host families, participating in Arabic language classes, as well as visiting the many ancient and important historical sites of Egypt.

Contact Information

If you have any general program related questions, please reach out to the AFS-USA BP Scholarships Team at bpscholarship@afsusa.org or      1-646-751-2093 (office hours  Monday- Friday 10 AM- 6 PM EST).

A sample day in the STEM Academy

  • 08:30h – Good Morning!
  • 09:00h – Breakfast
  • 09:30h – Sustainable Energy Lab
  • 14:15h – Lunch
  • 16:00h – Cultural Activities: City Tour
  • 18:00h – Intercultural Orientation
  • 21:00h – Dinner
  • 22:00h – Evening Activities, Night Games, Free Time
  • 23:00h – Good Night!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is funding this scholarship?

BP and AFS have partnered to develop the BP Global STEM Academies and BP has provided funding for 100 full scholarships. Why? Global competencies and STEM education are critical for student success in today’s global economy. The goal of these scholarships is to provide this study abroad opportunity to students from diverse backgrounds and in need of financial support.

What is BP?

BP is a global energy company with wide reach across the world’s energy system. The energy we produce serves to power economic growth and lift people out of poverty. In the future, the way heat, light and mobility are delivered will change. We aim to anchor our business in these changing patterns of demand, rather than in the quest for supply. We have a real contribution to make to the world’s ambition of a low carbon future. We have operations in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia and Africa, and employ around 75,000 people.

What kind of candidates are you looking for?

AFS and BP share a commitment to diversity and encourage students from any background to apply.   

This scholarship is ideal for, but not limited to, students with demonstrated strengths in academics, but a particular interest in science, technology, engineering, math and other fields important to the energy industry, as well as an interest to study abroad and meet other cultures.  

Strong candidates will be ready to fully immerse themselves in the academic and intercultural learning experience for the duration of the program. 

What will I need to do to complete an application?

To complete an application, you will first be asked to fill in some basic information to ensure that you are eligible to apply. Once we have verified your eligibility, you will need to provide some additional information about yourself, complete four short essay questions, provide us with a school transcript, and verify your parent or guardian’s consent to apply.

Candidates may be asked to provide additional information for scholarship consideration.

What is the participant eligibility criteria?

  • Must be born between December 1, 2001 and June 1, 2004
  • The ability to participate fully in a classroom and program conducted entirely in English
  • Demonstrated interest in STEM, study abroad and interacting with different cultures
  • Willingness to attend all Academy destinations – Brazil, Egypt, United States 
  • Ability and willingness to travel unaccompanied abroad
  • BP and AFS are committed to ensuring diversity of all kinds; a focus will be placed on engaging females and students with financial need

How are scholarship recipients selected?

The first step is to ensure that all eligibility criteria are met.  Application review and scholarship selection will then be conducted by AFS on a competitive, blind, third-party evaluation to ensure that all students are selected without preference or prejudice and solely on the quality of their application, merits, and experience. A select number of applicants will be invited for an interview after which scholarship winners will be chosen and notified.

Do I get to pick my destination or is a host country selected for me?

Students will be studying in Brazil, Egypt and USA* – countries with significant BP operations. While a student’s preference is considered, students must be flexible as AFS works to find the best fit for each student. *United States citizens and residents will not generally be considered for the BP Global STEM Academy based in the US. The scholarship application will require you to select all three destinations.

AFS reserves the right to choose the final country destination and does not guarantee you will be offered a scholarship to your top country preference listed on your application

What is included in the scholarship?

Your scholarship covers the AFS program fee, domestic and international airfares, your visa (if necessary), government fees to obtain a passport (if needed), and all program costs, including meals and housing.

What is not included in the scholarship?

Expenses not covered by the scholarship include, but are not limited, to:
  • Vaccinations, immunizations, and other disease-preventing medications (i.e. malaria)
  • Travel expenses to the regional consulate to obtain a visa and to your initial point of departure
  • Additional spending money
  • Checked luggage fees

How do I apply?

The application deadline has passed for the 2019 Academy.  

Who will I live with while I am abroad?

Participants on the Egypt program will live with host families, the Brazil program accommodations will include a mixture of living with a  host family and a dormitory stay. AFS is committed to diversity of all kinds and its host families come from all backgrounds that reflect the diversity of the populations of Brazil and Egypt. All host families are carefully vetted by AFS.

What are the dates of the Academies?

  • Brazil: June 15 – July 13
  • Egypt: June 27 – July 23

2018 BP Global STEM Academy Participant It was an amazing experience. I still think about it every day and I think it helped me a lot for my future. I had the chance to grow, to get to know all those wonderful people from around the world, to learn more in STEM topics and about cultures — 2018 BP Global STEM Academy Participant