Saudi Arabian Culture

Saudi Arabia makes up a large portion of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi nationals make up about 70 percent of the country’s total population. Of that 70 percent, 90 percent are Arabs, and about 10 percent are of Afro-Asian heritage. Life in Saudi Arabia tends to be calmer than in Western nations. Many Saudis are proud of their country’s strong emphasis on family and low crime rate. They also tend to be patriotic and devoted to their family and religion.

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Saudi Arabian People and Community

Family is central to Saudi Arabian society. Many families live with extended family members, though nuclear families are more common in urban areas. Although the Saudi Arabian family is traditionally patriarchal, women hold considerable sway in the home. The relationship between parent and child is very strong. If their studies or employment require children to move away before marriage, they frequently make trips to visit their parents.

Language and Communication Styles

Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia.

Food in Saudi Arabia

Saudi dishes are usually mildly spicy and composed mainly of rice with lamb or chicken. Kabsa (rice and meat) is a favorite dish throughout the country. It is prepared with camel meat and served with appetizers like hummus (a dip made of chickpeas). Rice is also often served with vegetables and a green salad. Seafood, including a variety of fish, are popular on the coasts. Dessert is typically fruit, especially dates, eaten with bitter Saudi coffee.