Pakistani Culture

Pakistan is about the size of of Texas and Oklahoma combined. Most Pakistanis live in the Indus River Valley, which runs through the center of Pakistan. Northern Pakistan has some of the world’s highest mountains, including K2, the world’s second-highest peak. Pakistan’s two largest cities are Karachi and Lahore.

Pakistan contains multiple ethnic groups. The Punjabi is the largest, which makes up about 45 percent of the population. Most Pakistanis are devout Muslims and abide to the philosophy that the “will of God is evident in all things.” Inshaʾ Allah (God willing) is a saying frequently used to express hope for success or for an optimistic outcome.

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Pakistani People and Community

People in Pakistan

In Pakistan, family is the core of social life, with family honor serving as the key to many ethnic groups. Parents, their sons, and the sons’ families will often live together in the same household. In more traditional families, men serve as head of their homes. In less traditional families, men and women make decisions together. Women are typically responsible for household duties. In rural areas, women tend to the field and livestock in addition to household duties. Families tend to be large; the average woman has three children. From a young age, Pakistani children help with chores. Parents raise their children, providing education and health care up to and even beyond their children’s marriage. Typically, at least one son lives in the family home to take care of his elderly parents with his wife and children.

Language and Communication Styles

Pakistani architecture

Many languages are spoken in Pakistan due to the diversity of ethnic groups and dialects. English and Urdu are considered Pakistan’s official languages.

Food in Pakistan

Pakistani Roti

The pillar of the Pakistani diet is chapati, also referred to as roti. It is a bread similar to pita. Pakistani food generally is spicy, and curry is one of the most common dishes. Plain yogurt is a common ingredient in meals and rice is part of most meals and desserts. For instance, kheer is a popular type of rice pudding. Pillau (fried rice with vegetables) and biryani (rice with meat and spices) are two customary dishes. Lamb, beef, chicken, and fish are the most frequently eaten meats. The most popular drink in Pakistan is tea with milk.