Honduran Culture

This Central American country has a 3,000-year-old Mayan culture, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine. Honduras’ tropical weather enriches its lush flora and fauna. Slightly larger than the state of Tennessee, Honduras is mountainous and the only Central American country without active volcanoes.

Food and drinks are the center of social gatherings, and Hondurans will enjoy sharing their culture, including dancing Punta, a traditional Honduran dance. Since Hondurans generally consider people to be more important than schedules, being late for appointments or social events is a common way of living. Ninety percent of Honduras’ population is mestizo (mixed Spanish and indigenous heritage) while only about seven percent has indigenous ancestry.

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Honduran People and Community

Honduran people

Family ties are strong in Honduras. On average, families have between two and three children. Rural families are usually larger than urban ones. Girls help with taking care of younger children and conducting household chores from an early age. Honduran parents tend to be very protective, especially of their daughters. Some families expect boys to help with such chores as well. Children rarely leave the home until they marry, often living at home even after they marry. Adult children, especially daughters, are expected to care for their elderly parents, as retirement homes are rare in Honduras.

Language and Communication Styles

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Spanish is the official language of Honduras.


Honduran food

Honduran cuisine is delicious, colorful, and full of variety. Meals usually include corn, beans and rice, tortillas, fruit, and seafood. Hondurans like a hearty breakfast, while lunch and dinner are lighter meals. A typical Honduran dish is the Baleada, a thick flour tortilla filled with fried beans and perhaps other ingredients like cheese. Other popular drinks include horchata (a grain-based, cinnamon-seasoned drink), and pinol (made from maize and various spices).