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Not your usual class trip

Not your usual
class trip!

You already know that exposing young people to another culture is one of the greatest enrichment opportunities you can give them.
AFS offers educational, fun, and customizable
group programs that are also affordable!

What makes AFS different?

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Introduce your group to
Brazilian feijoada

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In China, a new
and ever-changing world
awaits your group

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers your group everything
from rain forests, volcanoes and glimpses of paradise,
to city life and a rich and vibrant culture.

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Join us in Egypt and experience
an emerging democracy in real time!

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Ghana offers you an unforgettable
experience in culture and history
- a history with strong ties
to the United States

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Find out if Hungary
lives up to its reputation as a country
for those who love life!

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India is one of the most diverse countries on earth,
with a rich history and incomparable blend of cultures.

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Explore castles, caves, and cottages
- and surfing - in Ireland!

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Pair up with an Italian high school
and host each other through
the AFS Classroom Exchange Program!

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Introduce your group to
the magic of Africa in Kenya,
a land of unending change,
contrasts and diversity

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Experience Panama - the crossroads
of the world and a culture
uniquely Panamanian!

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In the Philippines
"balikbayan"or explore the
Pearl of the Orient

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Explore the rich heritage
of a new Russia
-now in full bloom

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Spain - the crossroads of Europe,
Africa, the Mediterranean,
and the Atlantic

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In Turkey, you don't want
to miss what many call
the "world's hippest city"
- Istanbul.

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More Destinations

With programs in
more than 50 countries,
just tell us where
you'd like to go and
we'll take it from there!

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The AFS focus on quality

AFS Group Programs are genuinely AFS, from beginning to end, and reflect the experience and values that have made AFS the respected leader in student exchange and experiential training in global competency.

Frequently Asked Questions

No award can replace the value and pride I feel at knowing that I helped my students develop a love of Spanish and a true passion for engaging in the world as a global citizen.

- Jill, Spanish & World Language Instructor

For more than 65 years, people from every corner of the globe have benefited
from the AFS exchange of people and ideas. We are best known for our
academic year high school exchanges. But, AFS also believes that
the promotion of our mission and our goals for global competency and
intercultural collaboration should not be limited to those able to leave
home for an entire summer or year.

Learn more about AFS and Global Competency.

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