AFS-USA Young Ambassadors


Be part of the change with our newest program for young alumni. Whether you experienced AFS as a returnee, host or volunteer, you are a member of the alumni family.

The YA program is a way for young and aspiring professionals to participate and deepen your AFS engagement while providing life-changing opportunities for others. Become a next-generation leader for AFS-USA with a Young Ambassador membership, and together we can continue to build a more just and peaceful world through intercultural understanding.

With Enthusiasm,

Emily Betz Close, Volunteer
Returnee, US to Paraguay, 1998
Chair, AFS-USA Young Ambassadors
Member, AFS-USA Board of Directors


With a monthly contributions of only $20 each month or a one-time payment of $250, you can take advantage of our benefits. As a Young Ambassador, you have access to:

Become A Young Ambassador

2017 Young Ambassadors

Emily Betz Close, Chair
Returnee, U.S. to Paraguay 1998
Member, AFS-USA Board of Directors
AFS-USA Volunteer

Dana Buzzelli
Returnee, US to China 2009-2010

Brian Chi
Returnee, China to US 1998

Amelia Dietrich
Returnee, US to Italy 2004-2005

Sara Diniz
Returnee, US to Spain 2003-2004

Joel Francia
AFS-USA Volunteer

Sara Gray
AFS-USA Host Family

Sydney Heath
Returnee, US to Argentina 2015

Scott Karow
Returnee, US to Argentina 1999-2000

David Madden
Returnee, US to Austria 1998-1999

Julia Moffett
Returnee, US to Austria 2007-2008
AFS-USA Volunteer

Kyle Moffett
AFS-USA Volunteer

Camille Saunders
Returnee, US to Ecuador 2009
AFS-USA Volunteer

Francesco Tronci
AFS-USA Volunteer

Theodore Widom
Returnee, US to France 2005-2006
AFS-USA Volunteer