Volunteers Blog

  • An update on AFS-USA’s Leadership Initiative for Teams (LIFT) Workshop

    December 5, 2018 – AFS-USA’s LIFT Workshop was held at Trinity College’s Action Lab on November 29-December 2, 2018.

  • 5 Ways You Can Practice Hometown Diplomacy

    During International Education Week and beyond, we can all spread peace and understanding through simple acts of hometown diplomacy.

  • Spotlight on Janne Harrelson and Patti Rounsevell

    This month AFS-USA is pleased to spotlight Janne Harrelson and Patti Rounsevell, a dynamic support team in the Capitol Team. Congratulations Patti and Janne!

  • Spotlight On Jill Goldsmith

    Jill Goldsmith, AFS volunteer for 8 years, shares her story.

  • Spotlight On Sandra Caporossi

    Sandra Caporossi, an AFS volunteer for 17 years, shares her story.

  • Spotlight On Christy Hedrick

    Christy Hedrick, an AFS volunteer for 4 years, tells her story.

  • Spotlight On: Hannah Brusewitz

    Hannah, a volunteer of 3 years in the Milwaukee Team, shares her AFS story!

  • Spotlight On: Alison Colaluca

    Alison, a volunteer of 10 years from New Jersey, shares her story!

  • AFS Volunteer Awards Season is here!

    September 17, 2016 - The nomination period for the 2016 AFS Awards is now open worldwide.

  • Spotlight On: Lana Davis Boyle

    Lana Davis Boyle, a volunteer of 15 years from the Austin Team, shares her AFS story!

  • Spotlight On: Michelle Brenner

    Michelle Brenner, AFS Volunteer with the Downeast Maine Team, shares her story.

  • Spotlight on: Jean Goecks

    Jean Goecks, a volunteer of 20 years with the Columbia Pacific Team, shares her story!

  • Spotlight on: Lynn Adams

    Lynn Adams, a volunteer of 14 years from the Chequamegon Team, shares her story!

  • Spotlight On: Kathleen Birkhimer

    Kathleen, a returnee and volunteer with the Florida team since 2009, shares her story!

  • Spotlight On: Marie Tonus

    Marie, a volunteer of 45 years from the Steinbeck Coast team, shares her AFS story!

  • Spotlight On: Marla Gamble

    This month we spotlight Marla Gamble of the Greater Cincinnati Team. She has been a strong supporter of the YES program, supporting students from African countries.

  • Spotlight On: Nancy Bridges

    Nancy Bridges has been a volunteer with the Heartland Team for 15 years. Her connection with AFS goes back to the 1960s. Read her story!

  • Spotlight On: Katherine Weber

    Katherine, a volunteer with the Michigan Team, shares her story!

  • Spotlight On: Kristin Svec

    Kristin, a long-time AFSer and new volunteer in the Greater Chicago Team, shares her story!

  • Mentor an AFS Exchange Student

    September 11, 2015 - By volunteering with AFS, you can help guide teenagers as they begin their international learning experience and become citizens of the world.

  • Spotlight On: Christine McGarvey

    Christine, a volunteer in the Baltimore Team since 2012, shares her story!

  • Spotlight On: Rio Orticio

    Rio's own study abroad experience drove him to give back and help future students navigate their adventures.

  • How Local Volunteers Solidify New Global Friendships

    August 4, 2015 - What's a small town on the Oregon coast have to do with international diplomacy, anyway? More than you might think...

  • Spotlight On: Janet Gaudet

    Janet Gaudet is a host mom, sending and hosting volunteer, a liaison and twice hosted the mid-year orientation. Here is her story.

  • Spotlight On: Stassa & Jay Phillips

    As retired teachers, Stassa and Jay continue to encourage diversity and open-mindedness in their community.

  • Spotlight On: Ruth Blackstock

    Ruth began her AFS “career” as a liaison and later became the team chair. Ruth describes AFS as an “incredible village of like-minded, similarly motivated individuals.”

  • True Stories of Outstanding Volunteers

    April 16, 2015 - In honor of National Volunteer Week, here are two true stories of AFS-USA Volunteers who are changing lives - and the world - through intercultural learning.

  • Spotlight On: Kathleen Collins

    Kathleen Collins was an AFS student to Italy back in 1972-1973, her family is currently hosting its seventh student and two of her daughters spent a year abroad with AFS.

  • Global Competency in Action: An AFS-USA Volunteer Fights Ebola in West Africa

    March 3, 2015 - AFS-USA Volunteer Dr. Coleen Cunningham possesses both medical and intercultural competency - and she's using both to change the world.

  • Spotlight On: Carol McCaulley

    Ever since her high school AFS Club, Carol has been inspired by the students, families, and volunteers she's come to know.

  • Spotlight on: Allison Case Barton

    Allison went to Spain in 1976 and her daughter became the third generation to share AFS stories when she went to Italy. Here is Allison's story.

  • Spotlight on: Ann Sweet

    Ann Sweet hosted 16 times and is a dedicated member of the Western NY Area Team.

  • Spotlight On: Eric Mattlin

    Eric learned about AFS through his son's school, and is now a host parent and volunteer with his local team.

  • Spotlight on: Kathleen Broda

    September 29, 2014 - Kathleen Broda, who first became aware of AFS in 7th grade, shares her experience as an AFS volunteer.

  • Spotlight On: Danielle Tye

    Danielle's volunteer efforts have not only helped others, but also helped her learn about herself and the world around her.

  • Spotlight on: Paula McElroy

    April 8, 2014 - Since 2002, Paula McElroy has dedicated countless hours of service to AFS as a volunteer and host parent. Read her story and see how AFS has changed her life.

  • Spotlight on: Bob Rushing

    March 5, 2014 - AFS Volunteer Bob Rushing discovered AFS in 1963 and has been a supporter ever since. See how each AFS experience keeps him coming back for more.

  • Spotlight On: Stephanie Davidson

    Stephanie keeps her foreign language skills up by volunteering and helping fellow high schoolers learn about the world.