AFS students, host families, volunteers and staff organize plenty of events throughout the year, some of which are mandatory and some of which can be participated voluntarily. Like this everyone can connect and share their experiences.

Here is a sample schedule of selected events that took place in 2017/2018.

We are already looking forward to all the fun events that will be going on throughout the next school year! Join us as a volunteer, host family or exchange student to organize or to be part of these events.

July 2017
  • In person Host Family Orientation
August 2017
  • Student Pick Up
  • Arrivals Mandatory Orientation
September 2017
The Color Vibe 5K, Doswell
  • Nottoway Indian Tribe Powwow: Exchange students were invited by AFS host mom and volunteer Deborah to this festival to learn more about American indigenous people. On this event they presented native dance, drumming, food, arts, crafts, and jewelry.
October 2017
  • DC Day/AFS Mandatory Meeting: Our exchange students took a tour at the White House, visited the Capitol Building and other sights in DC. They enjoyed a dinner together and stayed the night. The next day an AFS mandatory meeting was held.
  • Richmond Peace Festival: Volunteer helpers, consisting of exchange students, host families and others bonded over promoting becoming part of AFS-USA as a volunteer, exchange students or host family.
  • Baltimore Excursion
November 2017
  • UVA Football Game, Charlottesville
  • Volunteer at Union Ministry Food Bank, Norfolk
December 2017
  • National Air & Space Museum Tour
  • International Dinner
  • Ice Skating Event & Dinner
February 2018
  • Norfolk Admirals Hockey Game
  • Mid-Year Mandatory Orientation
  • Ski-Trip, Morris, PA
March 2018
  • St. Patrick's Day Parade, Washington DC
  • AFS Beach Weekend & Party, Virginia Beach
April 2018
  • Naval Base Tour
May 2018
  • Pre-Return Mandatory Orientation
June 2018
  • End of Stay Drop Off & Goodbyes