• Full Scholarships to Make Your Study Abroad Dreams a Reality

    AFS can help bring you to your destination of choice with these full, merit-based scholarships sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

  • Spotlight On: Christine McGarvey

    Christine, a volunteer in the Baltimore Team since 2012, shares her story!

  • 3 Commonly-Asked Questions About Hosting Exchange Students... Answered

    When people hear that our family hosts exchange students, we tend to get a lot of the same questions.

Thank you for donating your time to AFS!

These are some documents you might find useful

Volunteer Registration Frequently Asked Questions
This webpage has answers to questions on registering to be an AFS volunteer and also re-registering in subsequent years.

Expense Report
AFS is happy enough you have donated your time, so there's no reason why you should have to incur expenses. If you spent money on something for an AFS activity, keep the receipt and fill out this form to get reimbursed.

Tax Benefits of Being a Volunteer
Learn all about certain tax benefits you can get by being a volunteer with AFS.

Copy of the Volunteer Agreement
This is what all volunteers must adher to if they are registered with AFS. You can preview it before registering or come back and look if you need to.