Volunteer Resources

We're so thankful for the endless ways our large web of volunteers supports our students and families!

We work hard to make these life-changing --not-always-easy-- international experiences safe, successful and fun for all involved.


Some useful tools for volunteers:

-- Go learn new stuff!!

AFSUSA has an incredible online learning center for volunteers. You have to be connected to AFS's online global managment tool GlobalLink. Once inside click on Online Learning Center.
To get your access to Global Link send an email to vol.reg (at) afsusa.org.

- Interviewing

Before you sit down to meet a family take a peek at the documents at the bottom of this page.
If you're interviewing a student who may go abroad this is the page you need to review.

- Student/Family Liaison

This Student/Family Questionnaire is hands down THE best way to get a host situation started.
All the important info you need to help you as a liaison is here.
Here is the info you need about the kind of activities allowed by our insurance and whether a waiver is needed.
And this is a copy of our insurance policy for all AFS students.

- Team Check Ins

Keeping information flowing nicely is vital to a healthy team. Please use these guidelines when checking in at our monthly meetings. If you can't attend in person or by phone you can just email your answers to these questions before the meeting. Thanks for keeping all the volunteers in the loop. ;-)

- Publicity

Wanna generate some interest for AFS in your community? And here's a great step-by-step guide for organizing an event in your town. Grab an AFS USA logo here.
Click here if you want to have AFS material mailed to your home free.