Oct 8 2016 Area Team Meeting Minutes

AFS Steinbeck Coast Area Team Meeting   10/8/16  ~10:15am - ~12:15pm

Present: Caren M (TDS),Sonya M ( Liaison, volunteer) Lynn M  Support coordinator),Laura C( host parent, Liaison), Colleen C (liaison), Corey Y ( volunteer), Danielle A ( Cluster coordinator - CC and Meeting secretary)

Absent: Greg R ( Team chair, family emergency), Mary T( Treasurer), Shanoa P ( Salinas Chapter Chair), Jayanti A ( Monterey Chapter chair)

Agenda Items:
PART A: Area Team Business Meeting

1) Liaison Compliance - no coordinator; no solution as to finding a volunteer  for this position; Caren stated Deirdre O’Grady might be interested. All present understand the monthly and yearly requirements and reminders from AFS. Feedback given to Caren that automated reminders could be worded  with more support for volunteers.
           -Liaison for Monterey student is moving, Caren is  looking for a replacement.   Corey might be able to fill in for a month if needed
           -Caren stated she is ultimately responsible for volunteer compliance with reports . AFS having State Dept audit this year.
         -Marie’s In-person Host family orientation not online, Caren will file report

2) Placements - Caren reported that the two semester students have asked to stay all year; paperwork in process. Likely to happen  - current host families are OK with this.
  Late arrival student in Gilroy is here on a year program, but her host family told the liaison that they thought they had accepted her as a semester student. Caren will talk to host family, she does not know how this occurred. Gilroy volunteers feel they can find a second semester family for her if this family not able to have her all year.

3) Sponsored Students - Danielle(CC) gave report that  6 activities required for the year - first is planned for Saturday 11/5 for the two YES students.  CORE students to be invited - trip to San Juan Bautista. CC will  encourage YES  students with IEW activities.

4)Budget - no spreadsheets available. Money is available. Caren gave overview of   budget. Consensus that all volunteers should  be aware that money available for activities - whale watching, trips, etc. Need volunteers to lead  activities.

5) Volunteer training conference - Lynn Mello will reply to Caren by 10/9 as to whether she can go : Baltimore 11/4-6/16. ( David Swartz, MHS teacher was also asked by Caren later in the morning if he would like to go - he will consider)

6)  Sending students - Caren will send info on students applying from regions in SCAT so volunteers can do interviews

7)  Returnees  Some returnees in the South County asked Caren to  attend Career fair  to table re :AFS opportunities.  Danielle asked Caren  for those dates - might be able to assist.

8) Holiday Party - 12/4/16. Corey to confirm  with Marie that Grange is reserved. Corey will ask Joanne Collins if she can help. Corey and possibly Lynn will help with the event and will send out  notices to students, families , returnees and all volunteers - and  any interested hosting/ sending families.

9) Mid year Orientation 2/4/17 - Caren stated she had asked host family in Felton to look for sites for overnight orientation  . Corey and Danielle asked if it is necessary to have  overnight event as many students are busy with school activities and families, SCAT has had this as a one day event for some time .  Some consensus that it should stay as day event this year but benefits of an overnight event noted( at the open meeting  after 11, one student and one host parent  indicated that overnight event last weekend very nice, parent  thought it beneficial to not have to  drop of and pickup the same day). Caren stated she has talked to Janelle Cap about leading this, Corey said that Jim Collins agreed to lead this.  Corey will contact Jim, Caren will contact Janelle about a joint leadership of this event.

10) TDS- Team communication . Discussion led by Caren. Team  appreciated her thoughts, requested her emails  to be in bullet point format . Discussion, without resolution, on google  group format ( some volunteers having problems getting on .. others do not know who members of this group are).

PART B - Open discussion:

Others present: David S, (Monterey High teacher,) Ahad ( YES student), Brandi F ( Ahad’s host parent, DLI instructor), Monika C (host parent)

1) Monterey HIgh International Club Creation - activities planned for international education week ( 11/14-18) , use of social media and school web sites and exchange planned during that week with Sonya Morely’s( teacher at Christopher HS) international club.
Caren to develop one line page  on hosting - info   on what family responsibilities are, etc. Host parents think this is a good way to encourage parents.
Danielle requested that  team look at success of these two school clubs during the year as a way to encourage other high schools.

2) Hosting Family Recruitment - Host parents present felt that paper info at Launch day  would be helpful for parents to use to recruit other families - e.g. their own social clubs, businesses, etc.

3) Local/Chapter level - some discussion that small groups locally can help accomplish team tasks, no specifics re: division of labor.

Next meeting: Tuesday Nov 1, conference call 6:30-7:30
Submitted by Danielle Acton