Oct 14 2017 Team Meeting

AFS Steinbeck Area Team Meeting
October 14,2017
Attendees : Greg R, Anne H, Deidre O, Danielle A, Lynn M, Laura C, Jim C,Joanne C, Cory Y (meeting secretary)
Excused: Marian, Barbara

Meeting was called to order at 10:20am
Old business:  none
New business: 


Post arrival orientation at Paicines.  Host students felt the orientation was helpful.  Returnees attended and were of value, sharing their experiences. The TDS provided the agenda for the orientation. Feedback is needed from the local volunteer who co-hosted the orientation. Before the next team phone in, Greg will reach out to Janelle for her input on this year’s orientations.  The team agreed that our goal for the PAO for next year will be to have volunteers conduct it so they are able to run these in future years.  Team agreed that is a great opportunity to reach out to additional local volunteers to widen the volunteer base.


Danielle said the Arrival Orientation went however many students didn't bring the appropriate paper work asked of them (we need a copy of their passport and visa). Joanne suggested we purchase a portable scanner available at airport pick up time to get the copies at that time.    Further discussion will be held at the next meeting concerning airport pick up and paperwork requirements.


AFS USA has been particularly on top of making sure we enter orientation dates, times, places and attendees into Global Link. They need to ensure all team paperwork is compliant with DOJ requirements.  Anne shared AFSUSA is undergoing a full audit by the DOS this year. 


Barbara sent an update that $4800.00 is in the Steinbeck Area account. There are outstanding expenses from the Orientation and Launch day that need re-imbursement. A request was made that the treasurer provide an itemized expense sheet in excel or google docs  that shows what was budgeted versus what was spent.  Greg agreed to work with Barbara on this.


Greg reminded the leadership team that one of our mandates besides accompanying students from application to their return home is to grow our program each year to include more hosted students, sending students, volunteer development, school presentations and flyers. 
The team opened a brainstorm to collect ideas on growing volunteer numbers – a priority from last year:
- Deidre suggested reaching out to former host families, liaisons by current volunteers to see if they are interested in getting involved.  The team agreed a script needs to be developed that the current volunteers use in their reach out for consistency.  Deidre developed a roster of past host families, volunteers and students with the idea that volunteers can reach out to them and invite them to become volunteers without overlapping efforts with AFS NY, TDS. This idea was met with enthusiasm by the team.
- Anne suggested sending an email first in order to set up a phone call.
- Jim suggested calling tentative volunteers to ask for help at various events – to make very specific “asks”.
- Greg suggested rather than asking them for something that we start by inviting them to the holiday party to get to know us better. Report back at the next meeting.


October 22nd- Monterey Chapter Meeting- Clemens of Carmel
October 29th- Salinas Valley Chapter Meeting-  O’Gradys of Salinas
Laura agreed to try to arrange a similar area meeting in Gilroy.  Danielle agreed to provide the usual outline for these meetings. Jim volunteered to attend and provide guidance.  Date- TBD
Volunteers are encouraged to invite others to attend Chapter meetings and learn more about AFS now.


Monterey High School  11/16 Thursday- David Schwartz requested AFS volunteers be there to attend the booth and hand out brochures.  TDS to attend?  Need to confirm.
Sonya  Morley with Christopher High, Gilroy to be contacted as to what they are going to do.  The area team discussed the combining of students from the two schools and decided that the disruption for the students and the schools plus transportation logistics made it more onerous than fruitful.  
Danielle and Deidre will be at Salinas High on 10/23 during lunch to provide presentation on sending/hosting .

Sunday Dec 3rd at the Grange, Prunedale, 12-4PM
Cory and Joanne to co-chair. Main dishes, bread, beverages will be provided by AFS team..  Side dishes and desserts will be requested from attendees / host families. Evites will be sent in November.  Please invite potential families/volunteers to learn more about how they may be involved , sign up sheets for activities, hosting, sending will be available, in addition to brochures.
Jim will be Greg’s backup for MC’ing the AFS gathering (Greg may have to travel out of town that weekend).  Talent Show to be provided by the students.  Cluster break out sessions
Students-  returnee Rebecca? Laura’s daughter      Liaisons- Lynn & Cory     Host Families- Anne     New vols /guests: Danielle-Marie
Host sibs- Not claimed yet


February 3 Janelle and Greg to co-chair. Location to be determined but Janelle had expressed interest in conducting it at the Aquarium.  Lynn agreed to reach out to a friend who works at the aquarium whether that can be the location, including cost.


May 6th:  Sonya & Janelle to do the orientation.  Location- Royal Oaks Park, Prunedale
Food- Deidre, contact- Marie to verify park


Our usual venue is no longer available. We discussed various options – to include recreational activities, a quiet space to work, meals and access for the bus. One possibility is Laura Case who is willing to host in Gilroy.  Other volunteers needed to conduct the orientation.  Activities, meals, bus pick up to be determined.  AFS Steinbeck may be mandated to find a volunteer Bus chaperone.


Danielle asked the question of what type of students Steinbeck Area Team wants to host in the future and suggested we could be more mindful of creating more diversity in our student population. She suggested increasing the participation of sponsored program students as a priority plus attempting to have fewer European students and more of a mix from different continents. The team agreed that sponsored program students bring an extra “plus” to our team.
VOTE: Motion (by Greg) The team agrees that when choosing international students to be placed in our Area we will make it a team-wide policy to favor as much diversity by country as possible and focus on increasing the number of sponsored program students.
Seconded by Danielle.  Motion approved unanimously.

Nov 27th call in meeting 6:30pm  Greg to arrange
Jan 16th call in meeting 6:30pm  Greg to arrange

Adjournment: 1pm