Nov 7 2016 Area Team Meeting Minutes

Minutes for Area Team Meeting November 7, 2016  6:30-7:30
Present: Caren, Cory, Danielle, Deirdre, Greg, David S.

1 - Presentation of three new support tools to minimize family/student separations
a - Liaison Support Team: Nancy D, Deirdre, Cory and Greg
The above volunteers have agreed to contact local liaisons to check in with them and offer them support
b - 90 Day Check in Tool for Families and Students (share this with liaisons)
Several volunteers helped create a Check In Tool for families and students in order to open a dialog and help overcome possible misunderstandings.
c - Support Training
Greg agreed to offer a support training in the new year for volunteers to work on improving communication between students and families

2 - Sponsored Programs Update - Danielle
Danielle has begun the Sponsored Program Coordinator job:
Too first trip for cultural diversity to San Juan Bautista and took extra students.
Dec 10 - Beach clean up
Jan 28 - Food Bank volunteering
March 11 - Sacramento or SF
Spring - Panetta lecture series

3 - Holiday Party Preparations Update - Cory
December 4 at Prunedale Grange Hall
Cory will organize food and drinks
Can Caren supply a list of returnees
Can Greg find last year’s budget.
Cory will need folks to stay around for one hour after

4 - Discussion: Sending/Hosting Interviews Protocol - Deirdre
For Caren: what do what we need to do to follow up on this?
Caren explained that some of the emails we receive are simply students expressing interest online. She will vet the emails of sending students to make sure volunteers get those of students who are more than just interested.
Caren asked all volunteers interested in supporting applicants who want to go abroad to let her know by email so she can make sure we are getting the notices.
Caren also mentioned we can do an online training on Globabl Link to help guide us.

5 - Introduction/Welcoming of new volunteers
David Schwartz - English teacher at Monterey High School. He has revived the international club at MHS and decided to do to work with AFS as part of this growth.

8 - International Education Week Events - Caren
Caren has been recruiting students to help out at the IEW events - one in Monterey High and one at Christopher High. The event will start Nov 15 at Monterey High then there will be a sleep over in Gilroy and the next day Nov 16 another event during lunchtime at Christopher High in Gilroy.
Caren needs to recruit drivers - will follow up with emails.