March 28 2017 Mtg Minutes

Steinbeck Area Team Meeting - March 28, 2017
Present: Marie, Deirdre, Anne, Danielle, Caren, Lynn, Marian, Greg (meeting secretary)

I. Old Business

1 - New treasurer for the Area Team update (Greg) -
Marie Tonus asked a former volunteer and participant Barbara Hughes. She has agreed to be treasurer. Greg and Caren both reached out to her by email. Caren agreed to follow up with Barbara once the Field Finance Dept has finished the new training manual. Greg expressed interest in also being trained to better understanding the tasks of the treasurer.

2 - Sponsored programs update - (Danielle) -
The students in the Sponsored programs have completed 5 of 6 events. The next and final one is April 19 in the court house in Salinas where they will observe the process and meet with a local judge.
Danielle is just back from a national meeting in Washington DC with Sponsored Program volunteers and staff from around the country. This included a visit to Capitol Hill to lobby congress. There were also representatives from the partner countries.

3 - Volunteer Development Task Force proposal- (Greg)
Greg proposed to create a short-term task force in order to get very specific recommendations to the team on how to increase our volunteer numbers. We have consistently agreed on this as a goal but still don’t have an implementation plan. Volunteers on the call supported the idea. No hesitations were expressed. Greg will put together the task force and reach out to volunteers.

4 - Hosting update - (Caren ) -
Caren presented a working chart on google docs for all volunteers to use allowing us to monitor our progress as we enter into the hosting season. We have four families - already ahead of our schedules. General discussion of the specific families and school placements. Caren shared a document with all the volunteers in order to show potential students. All volunteers are encouraged to ask seek out hosting opportunities in their communities.

5 - Sending update - (Caren) -
For the moment we have 7 confirmed students for 2017. And 8 for 2018. This is below the goal we’d set for ourselves. Although the deadlines are looming we still have the opportunity to promote more sending.

Brainstorming solutions:
Ask our volunteers and participants:
Can you get us in the doors of schools (newsletter, teacher meeting, student assembly)?
Can you do presentations in the school?
Can you drop posters and catalogs in the schools?
No one offered to champion this initiative.

6 - Promotion update and request for volunteers - (Caren)
The International Fest has been cancelled.
The Artichoke festival will be June 3-4. Caren explained she cannot anchor the booth as she has done in the past. A few people offered to volunteer but said they can’t take it over fully and run it the way Caren has in the past. Caren insisted all the competing exchange programs are there each year and that it’s vital for us to be there. All the volunteers recognized it has been fruitful for finding families in the past.
No one offered to champion this project.
II. New Business

7 - Upcoming Events -
April 7-9 - National Volunteer Assembly - Greg will attend the National Volunteer Assembly. This is a meeting where members from all 84 Area Teams plus many of the staff and board members come together to do a check in and discuss projects for the future.
May 7 - Pre-Departure and Pre-Return Orientation - This year we were not able to get Spreckels Park like last year. We have reserved Royal Oaks Park in Prunedale. Sonya will cover the Pre-Departure Orientation, Janelle will cover the Pre-Return Orientation.
Saturday - May 20th - Annual Volunteer General Assembly  - Greg proposed a date for our annual Volunteer General Assembly. We could not agree on a date. Greg offered to send out a doodle survey.
8 -  Support (Lynn)
Lynn explained we’re going to have to move XXXXXX due to serious family issues. The team discussed best strategies for finding a new host family in the area discreetly in order to avoid gossip. Lynn had a meeting planned with the host mom to see the best time to start publicly talking about the family change. Lynn agreed to let the team know when it will be okay to openly seek out a new family. The goal - as always- is to keep the student at their school in this case Monterey High.

III. Next Meeting -
Monday - April 17th - 6:30PM Conference CallIII. Next