Mar 1 2017 Mtg Minutes

March 1, 2017 Area Team Business Meeting

Present: Lynn M, Caren, Marian, Deirdre, Anne, Greg

1 - Support
Lynne was happy to say that we have no support issues at this time outside of some basic travel waivers. We took a moment to discuss the smooth way recent conflicts had been managed by the volunteers.

2 - Sending
OUR GOAL for 2017-2018: 20 students
Caren put together a google doc with the names and contact information of students applying to go abroad.

We’re asking each volunteer to call two applicants and offer support.
Please go to the confidential document Caren has shared with the team and take a moment to call applicants close to you. Then leave brief notes in the google doc so all the other team members can see.
Because AFS is diversifying its many offers you may not have the technical answers about specific programs - but you can share your experience of AFS and your passion for it.
BE SURE TO MENTION THE SCHOLARSHIP available to students from our region.

3 - Hosting
OUR GOAL for 2017-18:  15 host families
Caren and her team of Western state staff are  aiming to get all of our students here for the first arrival (mid August) that means we would like to have all 15 host families registered by mid July at the latest..

We have three families already approved for hosting and three students placed in our community to share with prospective host families. Caren sent out a document to the families presently hosting so they can ask their friends and neighbors.. One family is waiting for a sponsored program boy. An AFS volunteer is interested in hosting this year.

This puts us ahead of our goals for this time of the year.

4 - Sponsored Programs
Danielle (absent sent in an update) will be attending the Sponsored Programs Workshop 3/23-3/26 - Alexandria , VA. Will report back afterwards
She is preparing an upcoming event with the hosted students - a day in SF including a visit to the Museum of African American History. She would like to invite the other students to join in and has asked the AT if they would cover some of those students' fees.

MOTION: (Greg) - Made a motion that the Area Team offer each hosted student wishing to go with Danielle and the Sponsored Program students $20 to cover the museum and some food  -
VOTE RESULT: Approved unanimously

5 - Honoring volunteerrs
Off the record conversation

6 - Volunteer Development
OUR GOAL for 2016-17: 10 more volunteers

Volunteers agreed that this is not one of our usual tasks so we don’t always know where to begin.


A - Caren - we could reach out to local accounting firms to ask them if someone would like to volunteer to be a treasurer for us.

B - Danielle asked by email if someone from Monterey Peninsula can reach out to UN Monterey Chapter - she had offered to do it but can’t fit it into her schedule. Marian agreed to do this.

C - Caren - AFSUSA,org now has a page for volunteers to build their own AFS flyers.  Greg discussed posting those in the local Safeway, Starbucks, churches. schools. Go to AFSUSA website and search for Designshop. You must use Chrome as your browser.

D - Marian - Personal asks are best: going directly to a person and asking them to commit. She believes that what worked in the past was the many local meetings where people could come and bond and get to know AFS - a great activity for local teams.  April 2 will be a chapter meeting for Monterey Peninsula chapter - Marian committed to inviting families who are in the process of applying.

E - Greg - agreed to do a training for new volunteers - to welcome and orient them.

7 - Next Meeting  -
Tuesday March 28,  6:30 PM via Conference call