July 9 Area Team Meeting Minutes

Present: Danielle, Marian and Deirdre (meeting secretary) 
Excused: Greg


8-9 students are place. Marian said she will be going to Carmel School District on Monday to find a live person to sign(?) paperwork for AFS so that the German girl can be notified that she has a host family. Apparently the school staff person that Caren worked with left the district and the new person has been on vacation...


Discussed the need to find liaisons for the incoming students. Marian was concerned about finding one in Carmel.  Suggestion was brought up that perhaps a neighboring team Liaison Coordinator could manage our liaisons this year if we can't find a local Liaison Coordinator VERY soon.

Returnee Party

Only one Returnee has rsvp'd to the Returnee Celebration so far. If no other returnees can attend then Mariah and Deirdre will cancel the event. If the Returnee Celebration is cancelled, we all feel that the Returnees should be invited to the Sept. 11th welcome event in Monterey.

Airport Pick Ups

Lastly we touched on how/who will be picking up students at the airport in San Jose and dropping them off at their host homes. We decided to ask the online group.